posted on March 14, 2006 at 9:29 pm

sk wakes up early
not feelin too good there, olde bean?
are you hanging out fer yer endorphins?
oh nasty feeling
restless fevery troubled

its great having a mind like mine
when its under control
but when im sick or delerious
or anxious or bad drug experience
especially gettin’ off the olde gearski
then, my darling devotees
sks mind bites him on the arse
all the songs
all the words
all the ideas
all the memories
going round and round
a tornado of maddening fragments
a circulating mind of useless disinformation
oh believe me
it is torment
here lies the little bit of truth
in that olde adage
genius is pain
(and sks in agony)
the hindus say the mind is your greatest friend
or worst enemy
depending on your control of it
but if i must control my mind
who is the i
if not the mind itself
you mean some part of my feverish mind
must detach itself and control the rest?
i mean i
not the mind
you see i always thought i was my mind
my mind was me
i didnt realise i owned a mind
you see i was trusting the mind for my information
i thought i was the car
but i was the driver
now i aint gonna spell this idea out for ya
too much
try to observe yer mind
going thru its antics
its hilarious watching it twuist and squirm
coming up with the bullshit
it uses to keep you enthralled
aint that so, donald b?

i told ya i wassa gonna mention ya
fiendss some of my best and dearly cherished friends
live in this city
im in right now
i meet up with a legendary australian boheemian
if they have the word boheemian in a dictionary
you could put a picture of mr sam s in there
they dont make this model any more
this guy is the real boheemian deal
he makes me feel like jeb bush..
i meet up with ss outside melb art gallery
tall and slim
hes dressed in a weird olde coat
baggy pants that are too short
and under a shirt
a kind of sailors tshirt
or something
he sports white stubble
and his thick sleek hair is
starting to turn grey
but in an amazing swirl
starting at his temples
we jump in his ancient renault
now ss maybe a great boheemian writer and legend
but his driving and his car
leave a little to be desired
the car shudders jerks and gasps down the road
ss is acting like an observant driver
that is hes acting
but the acting is taking up his actual concentration
im sorry ss
you are all right brain, baby
the whole episode is a comedy
of ss losing and finding stuff
his keys
his bits of paper
we go to a bistro
we talk of many things
dont try n bluff this dude
that youve read blah blah blah
cos he probably really has
and can quote it
i saw one of ss plays in 2004
absolutely amazing
if chris marlowe had written this
he would have been well pleased
it was weird wonderful
as the theatre should be
ss my hats off to ya
in all ways
a true son of the revolution
a boheemian original
too brilliant
to find his own keys in his pocket
of course we met up with db
another handsome laidback gentleman
a real gentleman
a quieter more sensible version of ss
strangely youthful and calm
his presence i have always found soothing
we both still amazed by ss general carryon
even after all these years
with a final session of key losing
ss splutters off into the sunset
what a shame
he should be driving a jaguar
hes got more talent and originality
than the rest of oz showbiz put together
me and db drive off
on that lovely coastal drive
i have always loved
(reminding me of childhood holidays here)
till we come to mr simon ps gaff
a lovely sprawling cottage
with a ultra hi tech rec studio
and a lovely ramblin’ garden
complete with triumph herald
quietly rusting
simon p. is the brainz behind mimesis
which you aint heard yet off course
so you dont know how bloody goode it is
sp is another genius
but in the sonic arts
he makes it sound expensive and luxurious
hes one of the best
and hes a cocky bastard
quite iconoclastic
joined by colin
whos scottish and plays the keys on mimesis
and o m
sps missus
we go to a jappy restaurant
where i enjoy the age dashi dofu
sp eats drinks and bes merry
and a goode time was had by all
ruined only by sks occaisional rants
and outpourings of vitriol
when certain peoples names are mentioned
(a load of petty bullshit i assure you!)
thanks for everything
all of you
sometimes i wish i did live down here…

on to to day
once there was a little country
that had its go
just like they all do
from egypt greece rome babylon whoever
they have a go at empire
then their little big empire crumbled
you coulda seen that coming
they had the fucking hide to treat
the hindus like savages
stiff upper lip turkeys educated and buggered at eton
coming to india
killing maiming imprisoning
and looking down their pale pommy noses
at the greatest philosophers on this planet
a sublime and beautiful religion
far beyond the feeble victorianencrusted minds
of the english
now im an englishman
so im allowed to say this
an upper class english bigot
is among the most embarrassing things
you could ever see
and the idiots that fucked up india
were no exception
this just one example of ye olde empire
we still celebrated empire day
when i was a kid
can you tell me one place
that the english went
that they didnt fuck up?
oh antarctica….ok…
any way now we got the commonwealth
(thats the engish word for a crumbled empire)
and the commonwealth is havin some games
altogether now: BIG DEAL
see ya round you crazy fooles

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