posted on April 20, 2007 at 4:28 pm

the coffeee shop
i’ll have a baggie of each
the widow
the shiva
the other two
outside a shady guy says
you wanna buy something?
i say yeah what?
he says gimme 80 euros now
i say what for
he says quick
i say why
he says gimme 80 euros
i say ha ha
go away silly man
you think im a nidiot?
guys sitting round on boats drinking beers
furtive transactions in shadows
familys buying sooveneers
lotta people on bikes
last nights show was good
quite a lotta people
they liked it
we rocked
what can i say
hotel room tonite like a cell
no amenities
very austere
in a basement
tonites gig souled out they say
thats only the small room at paradiso
big room has big metal band on
we used to play the big room once
pause for readers to become misty
as ttb contemplates his gradual demise
still its good to sell out where we are
why here?
well i guess a lotta pommies coming over
stoners from all walks of life in the eu
to see us rock n blow a number
slip into that universe next door
unlocking that door legally
going with that sweet greene iceing flowing down
amsterdam red light mr what do ya want?
van go go museums?
im sitting backstage
on the net
rockn roll
the heavy metal pounds somewhere above us
i follow the red line to our room
its a rabbit warren of people n corridors down here
waiters n cooks running around
roadies n people from a tv station
a driver who used to drive for us 20 years ago
i rememember this n that he says
soon will go on n rock the nether regions land
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