posted on November 29, 2013 at 2:08 pm
thus spake croon

thus spake kroon

presumptuous insects of summer you can bite my fix

when i am gone then you will realise and know

when you were snoozing in nothingness

i was out there blazing the way across a nightclub wilderness

it could not contain me

music pictures flow away from me

words hover at my fingertips

i bathe in deep rock where i merge with those in golden age

listen wait proceed think about it

float past in black river there i go

you a sloth in a tree

watching idly as there i go

i take sky out of space

i set stone to music

i take it faster

hook is a drug gotta love in me

swirling intrigue inhuman league

babbling oracle of warning and doom

dour sour powerless dwarf no star

no sun of mind you are no 1

whoever you are i forget your name

i have no time for future

in love with my ugly mirror i draw forth my song

tell me show me your song

i heard that it all came out wrong

when cars collide witnesses often divided

they say who ran over me song and ran away?

i walk outta train wreck smelling of plane fuel

i crawl out of hello hello hello

i dawdle in wardrobes i waddle thru twaddle

so what who cares he who dares wings and fall

lame dolt bolted to your molted nous

i am a mouse

you are a man

ok…? ….sure

i understand

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