posted on October 13, 2009 at 2:26 am

pic by t.helberg

am working on portraits for commissions
a picture for alphabet foundation charity for kids in burma
recording vox for b sides for operetta single
doing a gig in a library
making music on garage band
playing round with i movie
talking to people who have good advice
considering my new double album of 2 minute songs
getting david neil sorted out
solo tour of perth early nov
church tour in late nov/dec including 3 acoustic shows
a holiday with fambley for 3 days at a hotel up the coast
music n a small part in a short film
not enough time to keep up with it
feeling a bit worn out right now
but still
better than having real job….i guess
more freedom but more uncertainty
more uncertainty attached
n guess what
still slowly
ever so slowly
getting better

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