posted on February 15, 2006 at 10:19 pm

good morning you rascals
whats cooking?
nut cutlets and cardboard sauce?
how are you anyway?
i was talking about the connection
between everything
but i know
sometimes its so hard to see it
why cant i feel it
everything like pearls on a string
everything part of everything
you just gotta apply the principles
took me almost 50 years to even start
seeing that there were principles
let alone what they are
and how to apply em
but they exist
if you can manipulate them with your will
anything is possible
yes baby
thats right
you can alter maya
or you could just be able to throw out
an amazing poptune whenever ya wanted
(just like that guy ya know….)
crowley said there are but 2 paths fiendss
to the left we have magic
to the right we have yoga
now this aint magic
in its tawdry or even fairy tale sense
this a magick that sees the universe conforming to your will
the healers
the witches
the wise women
the forest hermits
people who can weild their wills
charge stones or wood with energy
to be discharged at their will
israel regardie proposes a sytem for adepts
in which they set themselves a little task
(say…not to say the word “the” all day)
if you transgress yer rule
you whip out a penknife
and cut yer arm till you remember
painful gruesome
but an effective way of acheiving self discipline
the main prerequisite
you cant re order the very fabric of “reality”
if you aint gotta grip on yerself
harry houdini
would lie underwater in a bath of ice
hold his breath for 5 minutes
he had complete control of himself and the situation

and of course the yoga im talking of
isnt just a buncha people stretching
in yonder community hall
this is union
union with what?
well, whaddya got?
outside yerself
take any path says krishna
i’ll be there to meet ya

so yoga and magic
the sciences of the great unseen connection
the big machine, the multiverse
dont get lost on them terms
i did
i could define 6 different nirvanas
but i had no clue at all
as to their “real” natures
still dont
but im not trying to define em anymore
as i said these principles are art and music intrinsically
you catch fleeting glimpses of em
in the real goode stuff
when you hear or see
something so obviously goode
you slap yerself and say
why didnt i do that?
you know that feeling
someones put those elusive principles to work
the up and down pressure on a flowing brush
a gentle slur on a fretboard
tiny things
that must be observed closely
executed with delicate love
but boldly and with will
have you got will
have you got a will
will you have will
i dunno
get a fucking grip on yerself
i say this to me
and to you
dont kill anything
dont eat the carcasses of wretched miserable beasts
it will come down on you
how could it not??
dont appeal to me baybee
for clemency
it aint in my hands
if you gonna eat that fowl thing
if you gonna pick thru that cows cadaver
you gonna have to take on all that
uric acid
already decaying flesh
bad bad karma
all the drugs the ‘FARMER’ pumped it up with
all the fear and anxiety that permeated its whole life and death
well my friend
if you got big enuff shoulders
help yerselves to yer meat
but its gonna hold you down
like a heavy lump of death in yer guts
cos thats what it is
i dont fucking care who i offended here
no correspondense will be entered into
dont bother writin in with that load of olde utter tripe
about the screaming carrots
use yer head or get thyself fucked
all the rest
i love you as usual

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