posted on June 30, 2009 at 3:04 pm

dont let them put their wires in my brain
ive lost the plot
i’m live in americker
i’m a rocking rolling spawn of seitan
i’m the hot wired wi-fi lo-fi fee fo fi fum
i spell the blood of an englishman
(type OH)
i’m that smooth swimmer
i’m that hopping hopeless crooner the sooner the better
i’m wetter in water
i down in the pond
but 2 ducklings got me called
grabham n peckham
i aint chicken, maryland
the rams head tonight
i hope the sound aint too woolly, dont ewe?
i’m lost in my hotel room
i cant find the i-door
i cant use my i-bed
i cant stand the floor
the ceiling is unsealing
the pc is un-pc
everything adds up to nothing
divide it n what do you get
bibbitty bobbitty boo
what is music
noise rearranged
what is art
something you like to look at
what is love
the necessity to reproduce
what is life
a brief brief candle
what is kilbey
an olde olde fool
what is madness
another way of seeing things
why did you name your band the church
i dunno but i wish i hadnt
how was doing yer washing yessaday
loads o fun..tim n i caught up on star enquirers
how is annapolis
pretty pretty
i go down to the water the chesapeake bay
wishing my wifeling was here
because we are big fans of this neck of the woods
because in this hotel several years ago
i told aurora at breakfast
that i had to leave em n keep on touring
her answer : her head fell forward into her oatmeal
gee its really special here with all these trees
do people in orstraylia know how lovely the east coast
n midwest are in sweet sweet summertime
oh my word its so love love lovely
sentimental olde git these trees speak to me
oh i love the trees
i love them
i notice each one
i revere trees
i am the arbour man
i am the arboreal lord of leaves
the stumbler pon roots
the branch king
yes i love my trees and leaves
oh my wordy now yes i do
and swan king the elf lord the eater of souls
lord vishnu the preserver
preserve your trees
let the people of this earth be struck by good sense
please leave the leaves alone
believe in the leaves
trees everywhere
plant em grow em
commune with their spirits
walk in cool glades
celebrate summer naked in the beckoning forest
here i am
christian wolfe
here i am
mangey panther
here i am white rosehips moses
here i am stephen jon kilby
here the nut case dash board
here i am
in the summer
seek me
accept no substitutes
i am the time being
i am the killer who slays with love
i am the shy show off
the complicated simpleton
a stupid genius
a professional amateur
the vegetarians will prevail
the yogis will prevail
the music will prevail
the swimmers will prevail
we will all win the lottery
we already have
drink plenty of water
call me in the morning
if you still feeling

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