posted on August 4, 2010 at 8:46 pm

coal face

august the 4th yesterday now

a fine winters day in this southern hemisphere

woulda coulda shoulda

talk drive eat swim yoga think hope

computers gone glitchy

its writing out its own blogs now

life on the plateau

statistics figures facts

politicians vie for our votes

they are all jokes

they are all greedy little piggies noses in trough

the real heroes drive ambulances and fix the roads

the nurses and doctors

the plumbers and firemen

the people taking care of seniors and disabled

finishing off starlings record

go into rehearsal for musical/play next week

feeling weary feeling small

still doing yoga

still swimming

still behaving meself

my computer is really fucking up

it really is typing stuff on its own

i had a long sad heavy day today

maybe light at the end of the funnel, webb

need to have a long rest

everything is too intense

finished the day by visiting a friend in very bad shape and tragic

which re-broke my foolish heart all over again

tomorrow we will do one long session try n get starlings record wrapped up

lemme tellya its a beautiful thing

he sings like a melancholy lark

the songs no one but him could have written

the man himself has become a good friend to me

jesus i hope someone hears this lovely stuff

i’ll put some up on here when its all done

much love on all my readers

soon i guess we will unveil the premium stuff n tell ya what ya gonna get

it’ll be like able to download music i will be recording esp. for you

and vids n stuff too

hope to make it worth your while

and you get yer moneysworth

suggestions gratefully taken as to what ya want

and lots of new music still coming down the pipeline atcha

all my whatevers



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