posted on October 10, 2006 at 7:52 am

time being redoubled
growing, glowing thru me
glass eyes
sunburnt hands
the secret identifying marks
increased pleasure
improved design
unravelling mystery
internal dialogue
time being captures heart chakra
time being storms the seat of the soul
simple algebraic function
complex ulterior motive
what do words mean?
what is the truth?
what is untruth?
on what level are you reading me?
evening becomes elektra
morning becomes miranda
aurora is day
eve is night
scarlet is the colour of my mind
daughters of the revolution
children in time being grown
is that why the time (being) has come at last ?
mother natures silver seed to a new home but no son
wise women
women who will heal
mimi too
ones who may weild power
time being favours neither man nor woman
both strong
both weak
both has weakness in the other
woman, are you more attuned?
woman, can you stand more pain than man?
woman, can you carry on alone?
let women be women
let the men be men
let them conceive wondrous children
let the children be children
let the beasts go free
their misery is our misery
you may be too fucked up to realise that
but you can bet your life on it
man love thy woman
woman love thy man
human love the beasts
angel love the humans
god love everything
god is everything
everything therefore may be god
dont ever ever ever eat meat
you have no idea
the more you eat
the less you feel deleterious effects
you are what you eat
you are what you think
eat wholesome food fit for a human
think marvellous thoughts fit for a poet
dream exquisite dreams in colour
step into your shoes
be a real man
be a real woman
be a real childe
i know its hard for you
especially some
i stumbled for 10 years in narcotic chains
of my own making
and of my own undoing
it was a crucible i tell you
i had to pull off that olde flesh
a time being was inside
his time in the cocoon was over
he needed to brake free
the half-life was over
the time being says this
avoid these things
mobile phones
fluorescent lights
unclean food
bad energy
ugly scenes

all of these things can aggravate your condition
some are sometimes unavoidable
this is my experience
this is my persuasion
5 daughters to carry on the unfinished work
beautiful if not always dutiful daughters
oh all the things they could do!
all the paintings or music
or maybe theyll be doctors
or writers
or something that gives back something good
something to even up the scales maybe
female energy w/ time being attributes
someone to remember the spells
someone to remember the dead
someone to explore unexplored space
and come back and try to tell the story
someone whos not afraid to say
war is abomination
eating flesh is anathema
money isnt everything
power isnt everything
popularity isnt everything
maybe bite the chubby beringed hand that feeds em
and sink their fangs deep into the flesh
and spit out a better world
or just even a tiny part
is this my purpose?
is this my accident?
stay tuned
or come to the enmore
or the national
i will convince you
in music

nevets yeblik

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