posted on November 29, 2006 at 4:49 am

im sitting upstairs in an office
above the studio
oh yeah
it wassa late night n an early start
for this fellow here
writing this to you
wherever n whoever you are
thank you for donations all you donors
for the rest of ya….
yeah you
nah im just kidding
we’re in here working on whatisname
yeah that one i told ya bout befour
the weather is blustery
this morning bondi was enveloped in a thick fog
that suddenly was burned away by a scorching sun
a clear blue sky appeared
then just as suddenly
the fog rolled back in again
now its windy n wild
been doing some singing
playing a little bass
generally carrying on
if you know what i mean…
and how could you?
and then,
why not?
type type type go my finglers
my thrumbs never type
my stereo types
your my type baybee
and im writing this blog to you
n i hope it gets through
i really do
scarlet likes the song moon river
when i sing it she joins in and flashes her eyes
ive been trying to figure out how she flashes her eyes
none of my other kids nor me nor nk have flashed their eyes
what is it exactly?
its like for a split second her whole absolute attention
is focussed on you
and the flash says im with you
i understand
i know what these lyrics mean…
all in that one little almost imperceptible flash
ive seen annie lennox do it…
i guess only females can get away with it successfully
it cant be overdone either
scarlet does it effortlessly
she doesnt think oh im gonna flash my eyes in a minute
if youre thinkin’ about it
or tryin’ to do it
you already failed childe
but if you got it
that look can conquer empires
im sure olde cleo-patchra
had some tricks up her sleeve, steeve
those olde latino generals
caeser sees her
caesar salad
antony sees her
antony dont seize her! caesar!
caesar will mark antony
oh mighty caesar we have laid waste gaul
and we await your bidding
the emperor of the republic and the kingdom
dont bring me white tigers balls
or the tongues of hummingbirds
neither do i crave alligator leather
or ostrich meat…
i need tickets to the churchy space cake
vegetarian xmas knees up + schpeshal grests
at the basement sydney 23rd dec
its gonna be a space rock singalong earspitting racket
perfect for calibrating yooltyde
and being mary during the knackativity
or whatever you choose
christmas with the olde time being this year
you wont be lonely wherever you are
olde scrooge yeblik is gonna get a visit
from the spirit of xmas yet to come
+ the twillies
+ the doodles
+ the bumper
a joyous watchalong scmaltzy seasonal baloney-fest
from the gang who gave ya christmas at easter
and christmas on the moon
hey i gotta go n work now
can i have an early bird mark?
and what of the early worm?
if he should turn
turn out to be
a tiny

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