posted on February 5, 2007 at 8:00 pm

what do my four front teeth n
antarctica arctic n greenland all have in common?
theyre all disappearing….slowly but surely
yessaday tooth quack shows me how they look behind
yessir those fuckin’ teeth are eroding away
i am down to the dentine
pls stvn says the jewish south african dentist
in his weird clipped accent
give me smthng to wrk wth
meaning if 2 much more wears away
then he wont have a good anchor bit
to attach new 1600 hundred dollar crowns to
4 of em…
how much is that i wonder…
quick as a flash the little bugger comes back with
sx thousnd fr hundrd dollrs stvn
(and then this is kinda hilarious caper this joker loves)
and then he yells to his receptionist
book stvn in at 8 am tomorrw fr fr new crwns
ha ha ha
he slaps me on the shoulder
but he wants to do the teeth
we discuss the time-frame my real teeth have left…
he shows me 2 fillings that are being uncovered
by the disappearance of my enamel
he tells me when they start to emerge that i’ll have serious problems
still i dont wanna believe him
but i can tell from comparison with past times hes shown me
my enamel is just about gone
kinda like …yeah north south n green
last nite i finally get around to seeing al gores film
of course its shattering
its like the teeth
it has to be sorted immediately
if it can be sorted at all
dont we all love this planet more than having stuff?
who can tell china not to burn her coal?
and i still bloody was crying from where you see the old footage
of bushs outrageous n brazen perversion of justice
the olde fuck democracy i was born to rule
and i was livin’ in america then when it happened
i cried then
i cry now
for all the needless strain
needless deaths
this absolutely useless idiot has inflicted on this poor world
jesus i have to tell natalie to turn it off half way thru
its shattering
i know its taken me awhile to see it
i know most of ya have seen it
if you aint
heres the synopsis:
you know how this planet is running outta time…
oh you do…..?
but not in your lifetime right?
this stuff happens fast!
today worse than yesterday
yes it is
measurably so
now i know you dont come on here
to read my boring take on ecology
but i been dropping a lotta hints in a lotta songs
(gee thats really doing yer bit for the planet, you olde phoney!)
no but what else was i supposed to do?
(why not come out straight n say it…like midnight oil..?)
cos they had that base covered…
besides i didnt want my songs to be topical..
stuff i’d read in a newspaper n tried to turn into a “protest” song
but all along in my attempt to reconcile this whole thing
in a perfect rock song
i have mentioned it over n over
can any clever students point out at least 5 sk weather warnings?
theres a bunch of em
get to it
i could tell it was all happening since the seventies
i had no idea it was speeding up like this
the clouds in the sky all rushing by
a stares justa backwards glance…indeed
baby we tried to take n take n take
and we all wanted a little bit of the cake
oh no no no
my mother
my sweet green planet
oh baby earth im so sorry we did this to you
what can we do what can we do
oh earth you was so pretty the way you were
dressed in yer lovely polar caps
n yer bulging tropical equator
and god had made everything work
just so
for now at least..
i dont know how it was or will be thousands of years hence n behind
right now
it was …oh so lovely
why i neednt describe it to ya
we all live here after all…
take a looka round
mightnt look like that too much longer
most of australia is fucked by drought already
the insects have gone bananas here in nth bondi at least
the ants invade n invade n invade
they bite us in our bed
the cockroaches are getting ready for the handover
they wont fuckin’ care when the average temperature on earth is 100
then they can rule as they pick thru mansions n hovels alike
we are the cancer
turned round n bit our hostess on her arse
she must be saying
why why why
did i give birth to you?
i watch the movie
everyone watches movie
we still next day jump in ye olde gas guzzlah…
arms industry
its all one big sick joke
that our lovely planet
as big as she is
as beautiful as she is
could no longer endure
the “straights” are fucking it
the “bohemians” are moaning about it
and greenpeace n al gore n a few
very few are doing something
christ what do i know
im a songwriter
i do love this earth
its all i know
and im rather attached to her
i assumed that my children n yr children
would get it more or less the same
now we have driven this beautiful world
to the very brink of ruin
you can no longer assume everything!
whatll go first…my teeth or antarctica?
for both now
its just a matter of time..
only difference is..
i can still get my teeth fixed…

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