posted on December 4, 2005 at 5:45 am

running outta time
theyve found me
jammed mah mobile
cancelled mah cards
hunted me down
this maybe my laste poste
what now….?
the gig tonite and then…….?
and the small bird that attacked me today….?
is there a pattern here
not liking look of gig
not after NEWT town
which was rather nice
but as yall know
im such a little trooper
the show must go on
rah rah rah
back in canberra
where some of it began
wheres the nostalgia, sk?
fuck nostalgia my brethren, its poisonous.
oh yeah you say
betcha went round yer old house sk
and had a peek over the back fence
or went down yer olde skool
and see the place where nick ward intimidated you once
20 years before the choich….?!
what do ya think?
get in
get out
take those bulging bags o dough
and head for the nsw border
keep runnin ,sk
till they finally getcha
and ya hang up the olde basse
for the last time

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