posted on February 2, 2014 at 12:16 pm
more spruik-free poesy

more spruik-free poesy


The meridian is skewed the crew are all malaria and stewed

The longitudes have changed we have been exchanged seas

The coastline of castles cragged above the feather nested beds of head

The dreaming squires under skies of cadmium blue

Oh how I flew to be with you honey boo

Inside the dome sealed cavernous yawn of chasm cracked and horned

Where the twinkle bells of fells and dells haunted by our older selves

The caves and mossy lime twigged dawn

Sometime later a satyr who is just a childish faun

Under a wavering sun our doom already begun we were softly spun

Visiting lands with no day and then sleep but no night

Some spiteful imp empties sympathy delightfully

In a harbour called Grudge some drudge in a kitchen is already bitching about the sludge

In elemental principles the crucible of life is forced to include its own source

Among the caskets and hatchets of the market basks the young archer

Saracen scimitar of Persian silver with its vibrating runic pulse in his tunic holster

The Punic wars adores such a man !



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