posted on January 17, 2011 at 1:21 pm


remade remodelled into someone elses image

the final dissolving stitches have gone

then the sky is let loose from the land

and the moon has escaped the sun

and woman completely separated beyond man

one minute a crocodile next minute a wolf

in the heat of summer days drowning in my own saltless sweat

i dont care for reason or duty or logic or order

i am the poet unhinged on whatever is necessary

i dont write it but i live it

not the great beast only a lesser one perhaps

pacing up n down n his cage of furniture and knick-knacks

i live my poetry aloud but it is unspeakable

no head should contain such opposites of good n evil

i unleash the mangy panther and he slinks off through the trees

the jungle is in my head of course

the future contains the past

and night turning into morning

a friend comes over but my friend is a 2 faced black cat

unlucky herself to ever cross my garden path i was leading her down

oh i see we’re alone so i can completely relax

oh i can just say or do whatever i like

because at this time of day the jungle is all encompassing

and i hunt through these rooms snarling under my silent breath

and i take whole sentences from poems i have not yet written

and chunks of instructions that i cannot follow

and messages from a nonexistent outside world

that is now only darkness and green leaves

is that ache in my chest where my music escaped

is that fog in my head where the ghosts have all gathered

the panther slides off of his tree

yes he is a panther yes he is mangy but a panther nonetheless

wild cruel selfish remorseless quite stupid in some ways

passing into penumbra shadow

at the junction of night and day

a thorn in one paw

the greediest bite

the animal has no manners

no conscience in this cat

only need for more

only restless hurting numbing need

only satisfaction of desire

only sleep which is black like death

the speed seems to have slowed me down

in the calm of an imaginary velocity

in the warm richness of a terrible energy

in the jungle fertile illusory chemical dangerous quiet

in the rooms neither empty nor full

i hear some prey escaping

and i’m off again

in an awful pursuit

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