posted on July 11, 2006 at 10:21 pm

confused of north bondi writes
“i dont know what to do
i bit off more than i can chew
im up to page 34 but theres still 15 more to go
if i try n answer it could be woe, woe, woe
but if i dont complete that i said i would
will i reap bad karma
instead of expected good?
some of my fiendss say do it
some of em say i blew it
some say yer nearly thru it
just like leyton hewitt
some say what bout my query
the same one i asked olde leary
venus gave me a blessing
some others say im messing
i cant bear to answer any more
just to be a bloggy whore
but i cant bear to disappoint ya
when i was a washin yer feet tryin to annoint ya
they say curiosity killed some cat
now fiendiess we donna wanna that
we all know im a mangy panther
ive got a cousin named samantha
i dont know whether to stop or continue
ive strained n sprained all my backies sinews
i wanna be a gracious host…
i mean..i fuckin’ answered most
what about my baby n my doodles
what about my paintings n my tempeh noodles
what about my appointment with us consulate
iffa they donna letta me inna i’ll be inconsolate
theres guys in texas already bought their tickets
(hope the lone gunman aint in the thickets)
i wanna make yall love me more
but my bloggs down the drain n my fingers sore
my eyes are swimmin
and my light is dimmin
my wife is miffed
my nose just sniffed
i cannot handle one more question
can this be my lifes great lesson
mouth dont issue checks yer ass cant cash
ego dont issue challenges that are too damn rash
if ya dont want ya life to turn to ash
jus’ cos ya wanted to make a lil splash
vegan beer hoover n lady di
bonny bon n kev nejedhi
all you anons n eek n the queen
therese n rubikon n the others on this screen
i love you my fiendss
but its beyond all my means
between planets speaks for me too
when he says man this bloggys turn into a zoo
but i feel so sorry for them all unanswered
like a boil that remains unlanced
or a pimple still to be squeezed
or a bottle of vodke still to be freezed
or a tickle in proboscis still to be squeezed
or an ardent lover down on his knees
or manuka honey without all those bees
and i know i rarely say please
but will ya forgive me
will you adore me
if i cant answer all the questions
that ya sent for me
even the bloggy itself is bucklin under the weight
how did i ever get in this state
ive still got em printed
olde sk subtly hinted
maybe when things are slow
i could try n answer em then you know
but as for now
just cant be bothered
even though my bad conscience has hovered
over me for daze as i try to get em done
the questions are history
begins the FUN!!!!
se ya round

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