posted on November 28, 2009 at 3:30 pm

steve kilbey finds himself in a very shabby motel room
have just played in brisbane where it was 40 degrees inside gig
it was almost sold out
we were good
i had some problems
i put superglue on my finger to protect a blister
and the superglue came off
leaving blister sticky n unprotected
but band played well
thru the heat
the stifling sweaty humid heat
a lively audience
a good show
i musta sweated 2 buckets of ink
now i in this shabbee room
what a lousy shabbie room
everything as cheap as possible
outdoor furniture indoors!
the city palms its called
we call it the sweaty palms
oh well
i aint in it for the glamma
n lucky for me n steve kilbey
i run away from the zoo as soon as im able
i weave my way thru
the ultra drunk youth out everywhere in droves
ultra drunk
ultra no fashion
just a bizarre mix of everything all too small
i lot of em look real stupid i sorry to say
real real stupid
but what would a oldtimer like me know
about street cred on the streets of brizbin
man but they were drunk tho
falling stumbling retching drunk
i find i cant review my own gig
how could i?
we were pretty good tho…. ok …?

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