posted on April 17, 2009 at 4:46 am

the phone ringing in my head
hi is that kilbey
voice in another head : groan
kilbey picks up the phone
bring bring!
in a little car driving to newcastle
ooh nice hotel on the water
ooh nice cosy room
ooh nice little wife with me
have dinner with 2 accountants
we talk n eat n laugh
we play at cambridge hotel
on before firekites
who are vaguely paradise motel-ish
n i highly recommend em
i a medium man in every way
do very mediumly
i am mediumly popular with the crowd
who speak at a medium level all night thru the music
it sure wasnt the factory gig
where i burst out of myself
and bestrode the stage like a mad king of yore
voice from another century : yore gotta be kidding
at newi
i was
adequate medium ok alright not too bad
i just couldnt get it to flow thru me
that delicious power that nowadays i can tap into
oh watch out americka
cos im channeling ambiguous
and you gonna need to interpret it…
we drove back this morning
after having brekky at beach cafe
i had soy porridge with stewed fruit
it was scrumptious
lovely drive homme
listen to ipod
listen to so love may find us
its a frickging masterpiece or what
fandorin n vlach
have written some rather scintillating reviews of #23
university level stuff….thoroughly enjoyed it
but vlachs musicology stuff is beyond me
i thought aeolian mode
was a setting on a greek air conditioner

blah blah blob
dob dob dob
good job

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