posted on April 23, 2007 at 6:07 pm

at the gig
i chuck all my washing in a machine here
its all black n sopping wet
then we find out the dryer is faulty
it dries for 1 minute n stops
n then has to be jiggered with for another 60 second burst
what will i do with no clothes
n a wet pile of stuff
i seem to have lost my alex grey shirt…
or have i lost my mind
my phone continued to not work
despite visits from different workmen
we have sold virtually almost no tickets tonite
but the venue is a corker with great lites n sound
of course
its denmark baby
they do things properly here
except no one wants to see old aussie rockahs on monday nite
i dont fucking blame em
my get up n go just got up n went
why am i struggling on with this?
i just feel de-feeted
under done
too little too late
i dont blame anyone
maybe myself
but who really knows
rocknroll is a twisting beast
im gonna end up with a loada wet clothes
my glasses are busted
im worn out
just trying to keep track of it all
passports n keys n money n glasses n sunglasses
computers n tickets n directions n bravado
so yeah im sitting here in arhus denmark
getting ready to play
thats gotta bee goode right?
but im ugly n olde n tired n sensitive
n i hadda nuff
hadda nuff
this is too much like hard work for me
what am i gonna do with these wet clothes?

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