posted on June 23, 2007 at 7:52 am

ok this is easy
i get to listen to my fave tracks
from pod playlist
and write about em

in no particular order

the only ones : peter and the pets
i saw em play at the lyceum in 78
richard lloyd came on n played
they were average, im sorry to say
i sat at a table with perretts mum n dad
they gave me his phone number and told me to call him
they gave me a lift home in their white jag
his mum was from vienna i think
they were very nice
i never rang the number tho
then in 1982 after many only ones comparisons
the lead guitarist tracked me n ploogy down in london
and organised a jam
which really meant backing him on some demos
not perrett but the big ugly guy
he was a smacktragedy
as was his ‘orrible missus
nodding off n nearly setting things alight
i was horrified
ploogy was laughing his dutch head off
cos the guy was trying to get me to sing back ups
on one of his songs
and i REALLY didnt want to
i didnt wanna be there at all
jesus can ya believe that was 25 years ago….
anyway this is a great great great track
lazy drawling detached narcotic slurry lou reed
oh yeah you gonna like this one!

eno n budd : their memories
brian eno
i could write a book about his contributions
to rock
here he and harry budd
conjure up their usual melancholia-dust trail
the pianos find simple phrases
their reverberations trigger distant sounds
like strings

king crimson : the talking drum
all manner of sounds
like the buzzing of flies
bongos n bass n drums
the guitar is sick
it swerves n slides side to side
it doubles up
a violin
i feel like im eavesdropping on a conspiracy
paranoia builds up
atonal probe enters from the right
what emotion does this conjure up?
i dunno

blonde redhead : heroine
this is one of those albums
almost every song is a good un
like everything all mixed up
vaguely shoegazery
easy on the ears
beguiling words n melodies
you may like this very much
you may already like this very much!

elo : 10538 overture
the arrangement is so….
the downwards guitar is fucking spectacular
the french horns come in off in the distance
the cellos saw away at the song
its an epic
it was big hit in early seventies
its a true classic
impeccable magnificence
put this one down as one i wish i’d done…

the faces : wicked messenger
a dylan song
the faces slop and stumble thru it
and the result is real rocknroll
feel and emotion
guys who can really play
each occupying their own space
all going on at once
intertwining with each other
the bass playing is a riot
the organ is brilliant
but what would you expect its ian maclagan
ronnie wood on guitar
you can see why the stones wanted this guy
k jones on drums
what a walloper
he gives that kit a fucking good seeing to!
and he always seems to keep going at the end
when the other instruments stop
his trademark
rod stewart belts it out
like his life n soul depended on it
there was a wicked messenger from eli he did come..
oh fiendss this is a lovely mess

hawkwind : seven by seven
the true derangement of drugs n space travel
the place where astronaut n the hierophant meet
the warlock as the captain of the capsule
blast it off!
seven times he cursed their seven tears
the astral path is now your fortuitous role
this is your captain speaking
your captain is dead

jobriath : what a pretty
sick stuff
a dead gay rock star
like if bowie had come from texas or wherever
an ugly dark song
short and nasty

john cale : antarctica starts here
whispery strange unlikely
oh what perfect lyrics
itll chill ya to the bone fiendss
the anaesthetics wearing off
antarctica starts here….

paul williams : old souls
from soundtrack of phantom of the paradise
reincarnation song par excellence
our love is an old love baybee..
i should do a version of this
people ‘d think i wrote it myself
it is achingly beautiful

lou reed : lady day
melodramatic gothic elegant
a huge towering song
a song of helplessness
trying to warn someone who died a long time ago
listen to the way lou sings
after the applause had died down
and the people had drifted away
its very touching
no no oh please now lady day

magazine : shot by both sides (original version)
razor sharp sleek unbelievable when it came out
i was smitten
intelligence AND rock
yeah it can be done
devoto leers sneers and shouts his way thru this classic
its not punk its too good
its not new wave its too good
its …rock!
i was shocked to find what was allowed…

margot smith : bellyman
before tori amos n a whole loada others
there was margot
you know those slightly loopy geniuses with the amazing voices
this was produced by eddie rainer from split enz
its disturbing primitive gorgeous so so sad n weird
native choruses break into the song from somewhere
im the bellyman come to fill you up when you cant get full
nothing on toris new album is a patch on this song
so so before her time
worth seeking out
youll fucking love it

mick ronson : slaughter on tenth avenue
a theme from an old movie
ronson gave it the treatment
ohh lovely guitaring
whatta master
lovely lovely arrangement
ohh you should hear this fiends
amazing little piece of music
itll uplift you in a lovely way

skyray ; jet stream summer
futuristic fluff
skyray are a wonderful instrumental band
like themes to imaginary shows
aqua cool gliding shimmy shammy shimmering glimmering
effortlessly groovy
all skyray stuff is good!

see ya 2morro peepull

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