posted on June 27, 2009 at 11:07 pm

the day goes past in a blur
i get up
i havent been sleeping so much lately
i go to bed late real late
like 3 or 4 am each night
i still wake up at 7 30
i start to feel a bit disconnected from
whatever theyre dishing up as reality these day
cleveland was a goodish sized crowd…
and a great audience too
its getting easier n easier
the 2 yoga sessions a day are accelerating me
down this path
yoga or magic said crowley
these are the 2 paths
and now i am committed to yoga
my 2 hours a day
i am becoming thoroughly rejuvenated
a spring in my step
a coil in my spring
a bounce in my coil
a step in my bounce
the bass plays itself practically
my fingers are on auto
they decide themselves what to do
the way it should be
anyway we do a real good set
the clevelanders love it
afterwards i sign n meet n greet some fans
people getting quite shy and others getting noisy
a strange situation to be sure
people who been listening to ya for 25 years
what can ya say to em ?
thanks to nick friction n matt n tim for good vibes
nice to meet freddie
selling out on some items
k/k is sold out…what a lovely record indeed…
must get some more in soon
anyway we drive to pittsburgh
a very gothic kinda place
a very very interesting city
full of leafy summertime trees
a certain melancholy pierces it
we playing in old funky theatre in boho-town
everytown gotta boho-town
in dallas its deep ellum for example
in san fran its the haight
in sydney its the cross
in melbourne its st kilda
in new york its greenwich village
in stockholm its sodermalm (i guess)
before soundcheck i have a surreal n lovely experience
a lady called marty offered me some help with my tinnitus
i walked down to her pain clinic
and go upstairs where marty is waiting
a small sprightly lady in her early sixties
a vegan for 20 years
she looks young beyond her years
shes very kind n nice
and she talks to me about her treatments and shows me
various pamphlets
i go off into a bit of a pot/tiredness/relaxed trance
she is a big fan
and even quotes me back
“you can leave your clothes on”
when i ask if i need to take off shirt
she eventually massages certain points along my spine
pacifying nodes of anxiety
she sprays some very cold stuff on my face in shoulders
and then jumps in quick to massage as the muscle relaxes
her boss n mentor appears , quite a colourful theatrical type
hes seventy six but has the mojo of a forty year old
he reckons he can cure 99 per cent of pain if given an hour
he and marty discuss such esoteric matters as how many knuckles
can one fit in ones mouth
(3 is very good…a sign of a relaxed jaw)
the gentle prodding n pulling of the treatment
gets me endorphins flowing
and i feel pretty empty/dreamy
marty lays some lovely healthy food on me
and i give her a box set n some prints
dont know if tinnitus has abated
but an interesting couple of hours
and relaxing treatment
come back to theatre
gonna do some more yoga
gonna eat some fruit for dinner
gonna try for 3 in a row good shows
love on ya forever

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