posted on August 1, 2008 at 2:23 am

did you see that film rosencrantz and guilderstern (or whatever)
it was a great idea
it took 2 characters out of hamlet
and wove em in and out of shakespeares play
they had their own lines and then they had their other lines
they kinda fleshed out their story a little
a great move by tom stoppard the author
he takes this thing from something else thats hugely successful
and well known
and he appends his own star to that
same as” wicked”
what happened in oz before dorothy got there
everyone loves wizard of oz right?
youre already on a winner
so you just write a prequel or sequel
or something that intersects the already known thing
now i guess that got me to thinkin’
think of something successful that i could move into …
like …well..the bible…
everyone loves the bible right?
well….ok…i guess not …but still
what happened in bethlehem before jesus arrived
the 3 wise men…in their own words
doubting thomas …the spin off
pilate…the pilot
survivor: parting the red see
now theres loads of books to jump into or out of
the count of monte cristos big book of christmas stories
narnia 8 : attack of wolves with american gangster accents
war and peace: more war and peace 2
lord of the rings 4: guess whos back…and this time its personal!!!
harry potter : the screwdriver in the axlegrease : the mechanic years
of course you can jump on old records too
sergeant peppers and sons lonely hearts club band
exile on mainstreet : the even numbers
before blonde was on blonde
derek stardust (ziggys brother)
nevermind( this neither)
saturday night fever :sunday morning wobbles
grease :on ice
andy warhol presents the velvet underground and geraldine
you see how easy this all this?
find something you like
figure an angle in or out
youre attached to greatness and you expand
look i’ll show you how easy it is
pick one of those great train novels
inspector derriere on the trans europe express
a bunch of real nasty suspect characters
madame fifi despottyvich…she had a motive
the lieutenant …robertson ponce de knack
lord pingbone the royal but disloyal viscount
hedges the taxidermist
mon beeb-beeb the twisted cardinal
jenkins cod-berry the english cad and dandy who is also a caddy
so all these characters on this train
ok youre saying
hold on tb
this books already bin writ
and sold a millyon too
yes yes
of course
who could forget the dynamited bridge
and the overstuffed old boiler
or when the villain rams mrs futtock in the caboose
its legendary stuff
i know the authoress lady agnes chrispy was beknighted for it
gee this is so easy and guaranteed
i should do it myself
take some minor character in the story
like grimble the stationmaster
or farquar the ticket collector
imagine farquars life
the day before murder on the trans europe express
imagine him eating his breakfast greasy eggs n a cigarette
imagine him taking his uniform to the dry cleaners
imagine him having a shave and arguing with his brother bert
see him collecting all the other passengers tickets
clop clop! goes that little thing that punches the holes
we see his shiny black boots
we see him arguing in german over the price of a ticket to munster
we see him eating the pickle sandwich bert has packed for him
we see him filing his nails and
we watch him in the mirror plucking nasal hair
and all the time
we know
tomorrow theres gonna be a murder
see….? its rivetting stuff….aint it?
go get em
pick something big
attach yourself
reap the wild euros
thank me
at least

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