posted on August 30, 2011 at 9:25 pm


needing to be pulled apart to be put back together again

some words sink in

finally some sense a calm permeates the ship

a resolve settles over me like a deep warm night

inside i am still

those nagging shots of failure and regret

well i cant feel them anymore like i used to

as i speed across the unlit seas into the mysterious sudden

life after death : to be confirmed

time of death : to be announced

meanwhile the rocky road the hard way

the subtle difference between dharma bum and half assed ninny

making everybody happy  n keeping em happy …sisyphus would spew…

then a treatment which proves surprisingly effective in many ways

some bad mojo detected and made null and void

your hero now out there clobbering more art conundrums than ever

feel different but cant say exactly why

slightly new and a little improved

detached from an awful lot of malarkey that was getting to me

as clearheaded as it gets for an old loony poetic type

thats it carry on





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will all the people who have  already paid 100 dollars for SK premium subscription

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