posted on July 2, 2016 at 8:06 pm
veni vidi vici

veni vidi vici

the agony of exile my friends

i spend my time by the pools and the naiads of neptune street

alone doing yoga i contemplate material nature

reality separated from itself a hairline fracture

the gnawing rats

the click of a mouse

thru the thinnest skin taking it all in

there is the ocean here is the sky

on saturday night i’m in my room

able to do anything instead i do nothing

inertia and a slightly shivery feeling have chosen me

but i move along quietly wondering what it all means

apollo withdraws into night drawing down clouds for his hood

the crystal green ocean thrashes listlessly at the blonde sand

i hear the swinging wind bringing  winter elegy

the poets of before always seemed to be talking to me

oh sweet baby Virgil that cat had it in for me..!

when i abruptly refocus the jolt is like hitting a wall

sinking from within a fall

every night i surrender to that lady sleep

there is nothing we do not share

i walk along the barren shore

in my dream filled with dread

the birds whirl in the sky

crow black on bluest velvet delicates

the mind is like a desert  blooming now and again

ha i’m walking down an endless corridor again

inside where its always warm and dark

inside there is a room filled with love

next door tiny blue vishnu dwells and watches on

where beast man angel intersect on all the planes

the point of rapture the point of pain

the swimming image or some blurry figure in the rain

my world of seawater days and the terns and the rays

the victor brays and the loser mauls

where the names of the men who were killed in all the wars on the walls

come salt wind blow their memory away so they can be free

in the right light it is like Corinth or maybe Thessaly

the garden of the dawn a trespasser castles his pawn

the tangling flowers of light say goodnight from the night

vault of spacious emptiness sleep

window of forgiveness sleep

yeah andrenochrome  sleep

down in the chasm of the schism sleep

at the bottom of a bottle sleep

asking no question sleep















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