posted on June 24, 2007 at 6:22 am

pull it out of thin air
reach up and take it
as fast as it can fill you up
overflowing freely
endless as it is
better than pleasure
better than hedonism
subtle movement
ongoing motion
better than sleep
better than food
what could be….
what could be that good
lover ?
oh no
no but
but there is a but
i dont want another but
childe theres always a but
a catch
a loophole
a condition
but i just want the thing
the thing you spoke of
the thing beyond things but not thing
no longer any things
anything at all
you mean
you mean to become part of
you mean penetration of things
you mean interpenetration
you mean swallowed
you mean digested
you mean no longer myself
you mean say goodbye to all this
no no no no no
my time beingness
all are thought
not when or then
the time being now
only ever now
where am i?
you know who you deeply are
where am i?
you know everything
oh time being in gloria excelsis
oh time being in hell
oh time being on earth too
oh time being to kill and brutalize
oh time being to heal and reunite
oh time time time
where was i?
right now
if you can remain now for 3 breaths
for 3 breaths
i see such ugliness out there
the cold
the repulsive and unloved
i try to love them but i fail
the sad and the sick
i try to empathise but i feel
pleasure comes again
resistance is futile
tangled up in all these pleasures
like weeds in a lake
the deep lake of myself
the real time being
the eternal
yes i am eternal
you cant even touch me
so deep deep down i am
a million miles above
steve kilbey and some others
the shallows
the baby pool
still holding on to the side
afraid to let it go
holding on to themselves
playing with themselves
never never imagining
underneath it all
pure unending bliss
nothing to do
nothing need to do
but art
but music
but life
all lead here
no i cant believe it
you should believe it
no i cant fathom it
no you cant
noone can
until you enter it forever
until then
kilbey you are made of the elements
reconstituted fragments of space
from the big bang
from the creator who created his creatures
kilbey you are stardust
kilbey you are linked to everything
just not feeling it
feel it man
no i cant
well maybe a bit
yes i can feel something now
its kinda warm
its kinda moving up my spine
the chakras go ping as it ascends
my desire for life which reconstituted the stardust
my need to live kilbeys life
dont talk about me like im not here
kilbey you are anywhere but here
or now
here = now
but you are not in the equation man
what is this …a poem…or what?
im just talking out loud
im just borrowing your male homo sapien fingers
to type this message in your english language
so that you may yourself understand
kilbey does not equal kilbey
kilbey + more
kilbey – the bad bits
is there anything left?
kilbey as a saint
you want to be a saint so much dont you
yes yes yes
then take it
oh i cant
not me
what about….
go on
well i dont have to tell you do i?
oh yes
some other thats
thats n buts
reduced to 2 words
time being
but that
steve kilbey
but that
the killer
but that
now remains here

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