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the full trip

young women glamourous daughters

dark secretive continents full of snow and ice

the pleasure of dissolution

the ship that sank down into a sofa

my yoke is easy

knighthood secured

pensions honours the works

i run through rehearsals at the rialto

i fly out windows and doors

i shake hands with unarmed fingers

a white suit with its refracting silk

a vase full of starlings

i clamber on the back of a wave

i tremble on the threshold of unconsciousness

i scramble in briar brambles with blackberry wine

everybody is looking at my face on the train

i have power over them

my eye bores into their head

my grip upon a reality is so slim chances are

my intrigue all powdered as if transparent

i listen to myself bored with the non sound of my minds voice

i bang on in echo in my memory

on every level things are developing fast

conclusions will be drawn and hung in strange galleries

my portrait of joy all running in the rain

drop by drop silver on silver

as soft as night indeed n then some

you lose some and you winsome woman

you win some and you loathsome

2 paths yoga or magic

one destination : mind over matter

to influence the exterior by merely thinking

but thoughts are powerful

my thoughts manifest as things

people walk out of my dreams towards me

inside the thin skin of nevets yeblik lies a man

a man with dark skin and red eyes and black lips

this man steps out of the guardian jungle and the distant edifices

impossible to read his expression

he is in tune with this earth like a cat

and he wields power over some of the creatures

while others are immune to all magic

few vegetalistas can stop a jaguar with a spell

but any one can disappear out here in this room in time

a voice amongst the trees : you will be reborn as a stranger to yourself

another voice from the river : for your arrogance you will start again

oh fuck oh no whispers the man with a weird grin

his hair is long pulled back with string

it was jet once now grey bits flop and loop here and there

his face is unlined tho it has creases only

his face suggests a mountain lion or a falcon

his eyes pierce my eyes

and while he whisper some bullshit to me

neither of us is concentrating on whatever he is

some other people there are bored

they dont really notice

the shaman looks into my eye now your eye nevets yeblik

my eye is his eye

my eye his eye

no hiding now from each other

lemuria i hear my self say hesitantly

the sound of a low hiss followed by a light puhh

so i have entered this world

a cactus gave me entrance

now evolution or god put this cactus in my way

and evolution or god told me to goddamn eat it

and evolution or god gave me a chance

check out this crazy scene straight out of ….

i dont think they ever made this film though

but suddenly you see we have walked through each other

i am no longer in bondi or sodermalm or stevenage or ryde

maybe someone is

but not me

not only the cactus

but all the peyote buttons on my evening where

all the mushies the golden topped things of knowledge

and the incomparable vine who art the power

the the divine DMT who is the glory

and sweet green weed fairy who has easy wings towards sleep

the vegetal side of the family have a message for us

for those who needed to find it will surely find it

inside the seed is nothing and from it springs forth life

misguided individuals who fear the vegetal experience

for all their various ridiculous rationales

have tried to suppress this knowledge so badly

but the knowledge does not affect men of their ilk

the revolution of the heart that is dawning RIGHT NOW!

it is everywhere in everything!

the man and i have intersected

i am not one of us i am not one of them

at times i am truly 2 men

i see the future i can feel the good and the bad

i can talk to some snakes i can talk to some trees

and women too yes but not the women vegetalistas

they move thru spirit worlds naked adorned

deep in their jungle you’ll be lost stupid and blind

they are not women at all but creatures luring on men 

but the thought of these witches crosses my mind

and makes my fingers hesitate in their tasks

makes my spells weak makes my eyes ache in the light

always its women wherever i am

in far distant pasts

in futures undreamt 

woman are moving about in their game

mothers and sisters and wives and daughters

in whirling whorls of time and of women

the same cards are dealt to us over and over

yeblik a point on an interweaving net

of bards and knights and kings and thieves

never a wise man never a patient man

always angry and vain and fire and frost

the medicine man intersecting in me

we must interface somehow

all these lessons from the vegetal world

the sleepy dreamy voice of weed

the alien voice of DMT

the kali voice of the vine

the laughing goldtop

the foreign accent of the button

and the tricky magicians voice of mescaline in cactus boy here

god has filled the vegetals with medicine oh so good for you


if a voice in your head says there are many knowledges to be acquired

there is yoga there is magic there is vegetalism

the build up in my brain of the vegetal

i smile as i remember their rough and their gentle lessons

so in these medicines lie glimpses of other possibilities

explanations for that will satisfy you in tears

and vistas of such majestic light

your faith would last you through darkening night

what does god say what does god say?

what god says is of such deep complexity 

only the medicines can illuminate his divine quatrains

equations and poems and mahabharata and iliad

in every single sound he doth utter filled with significance

but his voice is visions and conversations with the dead

and he speaks in a chamber inside the heart

the vegetal download into your cortex

has been quite successful

they did not want him to inhabit an ox

voice in jungle :

a lowly musician has been prepared for Arrogant 

voice in river :  he can struggle for help but he must do some time

kings and thieves and soldiers and minstrels

and magicians and scoundrels toying with alchemy

now i am tired

i must lie down in darkness

before this night threatens to take me 

in its soft silences 












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