posted on November 12, 2012 at 10:55 am

‘ave a go ya mug!



my new album

a sprawling drawling falling myster-piece

42 years of bass guitar

oh hyper-draw

oh resonated space texture

oh ragtime noodle bang crash wallop

oh rocknrollin’ bitch for you


oh i’m talkin’ my album up

oh apocrypha …are you the blessed record ever made?


so low

so high too

guitar screamin’ at me through the sonick mysts

pounding away them debils riddims

all this music art my fingertips

i am a delirious dervish knew nothing

i contain music in here …(struggles)

jamming with myself oh

a strategy for everything

a shame when i die a million recording secrets

how i get my sound

how do i know what i’m doing?

i dont

i am guided by a pop instinct so fierce it devours triple yes album for brek-fest

i am coming down hard now my fender jazz oh watch out

you rubbery snaky thing you unquantized mess

apocrypha unfinished like life yet

thank you for all the songs wherever they come from

i guess i ripped em from a uni-vurse next door

i guess i burnt em deep in my hardest drive i got em down pattern

i guess you can just go anywhere and i just do

i wander wherever the tune wanna go

i just hold on tight

i pick up some lyrics at the gate

some birds were singing ooh la la apoc-rypha 

i’s pickin’ up on this crazy fuckin nature thing a high a real high

ooh la la apocrypha 

so i pick up my axe and i spring onto my feet

and a bassline comes thrummin’ down the line

boom boom boom

oh i knock myself out on the ceiling

bang i put my head through the sky

i up in a cloud now but my fingers still pluckin’ at the string

ooh la la bay-bee apocrypha

i say a spell

i know damn well you need this one so bad now

apocrypha oh you dying star oh remote and far


what can i say

the hype starts here!

insert your own life !

coming soon





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