posted on September 14, 2006 at 5:54 am

automatic blog
spirits confide in me
what shall i pass on from the otherside
the line goes silent
the camera fails
these spirits move in electricity
the lights flicker
these spirits have not yet passed over
gamblers n addicts tryin’ for just another hit
richmen who could not bear to leave their fortunes
spirits that animate sleeping children
and twist their features into grimace n snarl
spirits that hide things
spirits that chuck things around
spirirts disembodied
ammonia n coldness
hungry ghosts some say
the cats wake up
everything trembling oh so slightly
if you film em they blur into shadow
they are hard to capture
to record their hissing voices
and they follow you around
but you dont know what they want
do you?
there is no wind but everything flutters
the do not disturb signs clatter brittle against the door
the magnets reverse polarities
things run backwards
mirrors throw out reflections into the room
nightfriends coming thru the mirrors
come and go by mirror
the swans in the dark arch their black necks
the frogs are silent
in the water more reflections
reflections of reflections
patterns in the sand at the bottom of a pool
just keep following that black line
just a swimmer growing dimmer
in the glimmer of a summer
the sea gives up its ghosts
sailors and shipwrecks
women who turn into seals
dark cold green water
the ocean makes itself understood
all the rivers rushing into it
i heard a song once
“why did we ever leave the sea?”
churning ocean still ocean
grey ocean blue ocean
never yourself
but always the same
still life in motion
it has its patterns that are hard to perceive
yes it conceals leviathans and midgard serpents
other monsters in the depths we have hardly conceived of
yet our children bathe so happily in in her foamy arms
afternoon drifts in a little colder
sky hazes over to white again
feeble sunshine blotted out
the spirits reawaken you from your reverie
its time

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