posted on May 23, 2012 at 9:56 am

saint steven shot with light

unfathomable ineffable god

needed some cat to dig some parts of his creation

that no one was picking up on and so he created me

he chucked me together nearly sixty years ago

and he said to me as he has always said to me

my man look at all this stuff !

and true enough with just the thinnest skin that is bearable

i have drunk deep of his creation

and verily i am staggering in amazement

did he realise….?

that he had imbued me with my own tiny propensity for creation

as part of him i strive to be like him

as a drop of water is to the sea

i have all of his propensities but in childish minuscule proportions

i cannot create worlds

so i create worlds within music and words and art

yes tangible worlds i weave according to my various ways

which are all laughable compared to my god

but still i am driven on to do this stuff

therefore i reaffirm my abhorrence of dissonance and ugliness

i scorn noise drivel gossip horror foulness stupidity in art

i cannot abide entertainment whose central theme is murder

not the detection of it

or the act of it

or the irony of it

or the apprehension n punishment of it

why would i sully my mind with this nonsense?

crime is crime

i find no entertainment in violence or killing

cops and robbers cowboys and indians goodies n baddies

what rubbish!

give me ecstatic confirmation of life

give me beauty give me radiance give me mastery

give me sadness yes but not misery

i reject miserable art

i reject art that is only angry

i reject political art ; it finds no place in my heart

i reject art with any agenda

unless its agenda be astonishment poignancy or love

i reject ugly bawling voices and ignorant words

i reject unoriginality

i reject the slaughter of innocent animals

thou shalt not kill!

did i fucking stutter?

therefore i reject war and i reject the slaughterhouse

i reject the paltry reasons proffered for them

i marvel at my gods creation

which stems not from such embarrassing notions

as the garden of eden or big bang/evolution

both so quaint and parochial

that if there is a future they will wonder at our naivete

or the idiots who thought it must be one or the other

my god is so sublime he cannot be explained by me

except to say he just IS

he is n he was n he always will be

hes a she if you like or not for who can tell?

i am limited by words

and our clumsy words

are like trying to paint a ravishing nude

with a coin on a concrete wall

we do not have the words

we do not have the minds

so i do what i do

i can only hint at it

he is my god but he is not a tame god

he does not appear in test tubes

he does not fit in some stupid old mistranslated book

i am more in contact with god than a thousand popes

for what have they created but misery strife inquisitions and complicity in pain

i reject your ritual and pomp and money

i promise you karma is waiting patiently on popes and ayatollahs that preach war

or teachers of scriptures that cast women in a bad light

because i have observed women to be the crown of creation on this world

but a lion or a lark would disagree

for the females of each species are surely beautiful accordingly

all creatures have a right to live and love

who are we to judge which may live and which may die?

who are you to tell me the god given weed i so love is wrong?

tell me did vishnu make a mistake when he created marijuana or DMT?

is the poppy or the coca leaf evil or the wonderful vine which is ayahuasca ?

is the mushroom or the cactus button an error made by god

because some warmongering profiteering  WASP prick says so?


i reject their jurisdiction over my consciousness

the vegetal world was created by our loving god for us to use and discover

yes there are dangers

there are dangers in climbing his mountains

and swimming in his rivers too

so what?!

i reject destruction

i reject morbidity

i reject entertainment featuring autopsies and suchlike

i reject death metal and songs about putrefaction

i reject rap for its brutal boring misogynistic tediousness

i reject blokes drinking booze and screaming at sport on tvs in bars

i reject royal families

and ponces decorated with medals for wars they never fight in

i reject generals

and presidents who send others to death but never fight themselves

i reject barbeques

i reject cigarettes and alcohol which numb and sicken us

i reject the makers of such things growing fat on our misery

i reject countries that assassinate their own leaders

and stage phoney attacks to provoke more wars

i reject the prison industry and the caging of people

i reject the caging of birds too or anything unnecessarily

i reject hunting

i reject napoleon i reject hitler i reject bush

i embrace jesus i embrace krishna i embrace john lennon

i embrace dali i embrace picasso i embrace leonardo

i embrace poor vincent van go go

i embrace magic i reject horseracing

i embrace music i reject noise

i reject fun i embrace wonder

i reject pubs and  casinos

i embrace yoga and greek myths

i embrace buddha i embrace shiva i embrace st francis of assisi

i embrace gandhi i embrace suu kyi

i am for creation

i am for the intangible the inexorable the inevitable

my songs are about spirit

my poems are about spirit

my paintings are about spirit

my bass playing is about spirit

my voice is about spirit

my daughters are about spirit

and my spirit

is about my god

and everything good i have ever done

comes from god

via spirit

so start here:

never ever eat meat!





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