posted on December 9, 2014 at 9:23 pm
still life in motion

still life in motion

i had a dream all my teeth fell out the charts

and my songs were full of haze and bits of mauve broken shell

wandering in a wasteland of fender bits and the carcasses of bands

running lost on a deserted highway against the most purple heather evening

my hands were understanding music just as they turned off the lights

blackened backstage i stumble around amidst the props

suddenly silent the auditorium glides on empty

the players are all gone

in my humid dressing room among mannequin chatter

and some mannikin appears guarding a portal to uh enchanted place

in my drawers crushed tiny stones arranged in a helix or something

a silver thread back through oblivion

little creature who art thou so solemn and so rude?

little angry elemental bastard summoned unwillingly to this realm

this chapter of engagements

this freakshow of yesteryear today?

beyond the nominal veil of illusion

materialising within this very vortex as my lives whirl away?

oh master please forgive me 

here i am!

it said and stamped its foot

here i am to sing your song of song of songs 

that take me out along the coast no one has seen?

that take you out beyond this tricksy burble

into pastures of the blessed past?

yes that was all just a dream 

it had brushed me aside

rushing through the breathtaking hush

alive and more alive





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