posted on April 16, 2011 at 6:42 pm

the red room

april showers while i wait inside

the water is so warm

i see fish i see stars i see tiny glowing points

drowned and drunk

i search through stones and weeds and thorns

my memory is forever but my fuse is short

i am angry with everybody whoever lived my life

my anger lives in my head like an opportunistic virus

it comes out of my spine and travels up the past

my anger is red and hot and exhausting

my anger burns like icing in a dead rivers mouth

it accuses me of neglect and regret and petty cash

it demands more time and space so out goes mercy

it needs to feed so out goes my last shred of decency

my anger puts on a suit and goes to a bar

it picks up drunken bints and has its stupid way

it drinks the wine made from grapes of wrath

it lashes out at the rain and the pain and the mainline

it fixes itself deep with pins and needless

my anger drips vanity # 7

it silences lambs

out on the kings highway baby where you lied to me

i feel you going home with low-life

i feel you in broad daylight on your knees

i feel you descending down down down

anger and i come looking for you

we arrive too late but anger has an idea

it sets fire to my writhing ego that wears its freudian slip

an explosion of days

a plethora of ugly sins

sheer murder

deceitful theft

necessary torture

we are always at war

everything is permissable

i shoot into the darkness of the enemy

i hear a faint scream and i grin in your cockpit

my anger flies beside me

we bomb london we bomb berlin we bomb the open sea

only blood assuages my fuselage

i crash in a field hopelessly wrecked

i have nothing to eat so i swallow my pride

anger is rising up into nightsky on some thermal

everything is wrong in this century of moths

one day i will find out the truth

and anger will again fly to my side

and it will kill me

this time

for sure


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