posted on January 5, 2013 at 8:44 pm
science as uncontrollable anxiety

science as uncontrollable anxiety

we barbarians have sacked all the cities

the beat of war drum in dreams

the promise of gold and women

we marched on empty stomachs and hard hearts

we crawl over terrain like molasses

at dawn we are mirror

no need for documents we arrive as by magic

our unfathomably insane desires now immaterial

we gloat although hungry

we brag nearly dead

everything ive ever seen through a slit in my id

avalanche of body as the slain come down

communicate this : pain misery dirt

some god not ours enjoys this sport

men hewn from oak or rock hewn down in dive

looting the temple of some virgin rape seed

it was burning before i got here

the earth cannot shudder or it would ….

the poisonous means of diplomacy prevail

we take back our holy places by unholy mistake

lemmings into the afraid n over any old cliff

such a clever job they did everyone every one

down in some desert place there we are virtually

some miles to go until freedom is ripped out screaming

you spearmen ahead who fight for culture

and you you axe wielding giants who maim for a living

and great loyal bowmen who rain death in a cloud

all of us plunder the pleasure of ages

unbound on the field unleashing fire and pitch

in warships like nightmare i burn in the sea

all of it sinking sinking into the past

swallowed up in the darkness of memories blur

my fever my brothers my others my fingers

swirling around in the life rushing by

twirling strand woven  by the norns in the sky


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