posted on March 13, 2007 at 8:07 pm

there are no absolutes
you go one direction
after a while you notice you going the opposite way
you start out with freedom
but after a while you notice
you gotta guard yer freedom
and you gotta keep some out people of yer freedom
and you end up with more rules n regulations
more people in jail
bigger n nastier armies
and busting down some peoples doors
in case they threaten yer freedom
and taking away other peoples freedoms
just in case they might take yours
i mean freedom n liberty
are lovely words
you can arrest and punish a lotta riif raff in their name
and god
you gotta know gods on the side of freedom
so watch out
this is a righteous freedom
now to keep things nice and free
a few foreigners may have to go
one way or another
and maybe things gotta be a bit tighter
a tighter freedom
and some cats out there
why theyre so anti-freedom…
they hate freedom in fact
so maybe we’ll detain em a little
see how they like fucking freedom then
and theres other guys out there
theyre so bad
well they deserve to die
and whatever it takes
theyre so bad that its worth a few joe schoes dying with em
too bad if they live too close to mr bad
and bring em in dead or alive
believe me
i bet theyd do it to us
so dont give em a chance
hell we need more executions
executions have always been good for civilization
and now theyre humane so what more could you want
and we need to examine ourselves more closely
look at each other….hmmmm
could that person be threatening my freedom
freedom needs protection
i need something big to protect myself with
i need to be able to nail any anti-liberty geezers right
so they dont know whats hit em
and if the bad guys have got evil geniuses
we’ll get them n punish em, right?
hell no, we’ll get em working for us
they could come in handy
dreaming up new diseases and bombs
we could maybe use that against their own former side
you cant muck about where freedom concerned
actually freedom needs some tough guys to administrate it
to make sure a load of people arent ruining it
traditionally these sort of people have ruined freedom:
foreigners, intellectuals, drug users, the poor,
the heathens n barbarians, criminals, homosexuals
messiahs, peace-niks n beatniks, bohemians
activists, gypsies, homeless, hippies
ratbags, mutants etc etc
you get the picture dont ya?
these types dont appreciate liberty
thats that
in fact eventually
liberty n freedoms patience become strained
and liberty says to freedom
fuck it!
the other guys are playing dirty
so we should to..
torture em
kidnap em
chain em up
tie em down
make those bastards confess
this end does justify the means
these are violent times
we gotta be worse than them to defeat em
we gotta be badder than the bad guys to win
its a paradox to be sure
but whats a paradox to freedom
god wants us to be free
thats why we win almost all the wars
isnt it?
and things are great here in freeland aint they?
things are being looked after…
well not everything
fighting for freedom takes a lotta energy
so somethings gonna take some time to fix up
you never know what the weather might do
and whats that gotta do with freedom
the hospitals n schools can wait a little longer
and the poor….?
we’ll sort em out later
besides they wouldnt know freedom from a bar of soap
they wouldnt know a bar of soap from a bar of soap
we just gonna have to do whats good for freedom
even if it means nothings free anymore
theres another paradox for ya
so what?
didja know that carrots scream when theyre murdered
ha ha ha

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