posted on March 22, 2014 at 8:30 pm
 the poet lionised

the poet lionised

i fell such a long way to be with you

my night was a slide

something on the billowing pillows made me drown

my gambit becomes my sacrifice

i lose the game

i renounce the crown

i drove through the rain

i ascend to my chamber hands and head full

the photograph of a magical naughty boy in a field of nude women

wow my clock is beating slow

the thunder was a relief grumbling over the sea

sleep trampled blackness as i go down into the waiting dream

theyre all there waiting for me

i can never rest wherever i am

i run through a jungle night

this is all taking too long

all the drugs have surely burned my brain

why do i run?

who do i fear?

but i’m working working working in my dream

running around fixing everything that starts to break all over again

envisaging mars i trip over pluto

thirsty and tired i am so persecuted invisibly

i meet a lovely woman although she is just a dream

sweet woman take me in please take me in

yes she is a foreigner and she beckons aloofly

i cant get a fix the smoke will not come

i’m so busy my legs are so aching

i run and i go nowhere at all

i struggle and moan caught in an unseen chain

the nectar boils over

the sweet honey love maker has gone

i know a word to say to get me out of this room

i try to remember the word and i try many others

i can never capitulate

anxiety pursues me with its nameless shadows

the numbers come up

the credits omit my names

the centuries roll on burying us under them

everything i said was true or coming true

look no further

everything you see in front of you

is me




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