posted on July 17, 2016 at 6:39 am
cable hogue

cable hogue

we roll up to flagstaff AZ

its fuckin hot o my malchicks fuckin hot

yeah your humble hero does ‘is yoga in the heat

its like bikrams for free

yeah i don’t feel much like eating and the altitudey is making me lite-headed

we play pretty good

there are a few train wrecks i am afraid

a few mistakey wakeys

afterwards we hang with the lovely locals

before hitting the road at 2am to vegas

haugie and i sat down the back of bus and watched videos

until at about 4 i crashed in my bunk

which is either too damn hot or with AC too damn cold

now I’m here in Vegas

(a place I’ve never been to overfond of)

doing my yoga again n drinking chocky soy milk

ready to start it all over again




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