posted on May 10, 2010 at 1:14 am

you think you dont remember but you remember
we 2 in a million
oh we died and died and died
your breath spearman fresh
your limbs oiled and coiled
your weakness on display like bait
luring out those cowards whom you lay in the dust
fragrant flames burning in your tent
tiny altar to your mother the nymph
your horses snort
your golden arc
your kissing lips
moon on your fingernails
night soothes your glowing temper
yes drown in drink
go down in your amphorae
some woman screams somewhere in the camp
you spit and you frown
glory doesnt feel so fucking glorious
your planets trine in the skies
but youre never going home
z comes to you in a dream
he is huge
he thunders in your head
he roars in your sleeping ears
he flashes before you
handsome powerful arrogant careless
one word he says
a startled awakening
where are we ? you ask
the sea still at our backs
the beaked ships heaved up on the beach
the star of arcturus blazes on
seabirds squabble in the darkness
men singing shouting laughing groaning
coldness of desolate dawn as eos roams the reddening vault
more wine for breakfast
you pick scabs of blood from your long blond hair
the trojan sun has rendered you dark
you appear like a god in negative
ignore the chafe of the armour
ignore the smell of deadmen and donkey piss
ignore the blisters
ignore the bruises and cuts
ignore the idiots in charge of this fiasco
ignore your old father waiting at home who’ll never see you again
ignore the auspices
ignore the omens
ignore the sybil with her writhing tongue
dont ignore me
today may be the day
and even as i wait for you down here
i fade away
i fade away

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