posted on May 3, 2015 at 6:40 pm
royal night mayor

royal night mayor

artemis flambe return today

the way you were in ever gladed woods

whos got the goods if not you..?

desired hunted thing amazing weakness

sikh at the brainstem where the storm trembles

we all down further than our knees to serve zeitgeist number twice

i’m all kinds of people so be nice to see you

artemis huntress goddess more or less

i bow to you and quiver

i shiver in anticipation of your fine divine touch

deliver me in resplendent devilry

i was feeling lucky but i pulled a thirteen

down on dolphin street with my paris spleen

its hard to believe that we all are unseen

i ramble as i cram the words on a page

i dream as i fill these reams with stupid dreams

i shudder under the sheet in nights of fiery sleet

i mutter my hopeless spell that smells of crete

i play my bass even off my face still my fingers find their place

i wrote a song about you it came out wrong

i was wrong about you

i thought i was in doubt without you

i thought that the prey that you brought me

had sought me out earlier

in the hurly burly of my surliness

i approach the universe in all its curliness

the wormholes are narrow

even your arrows are slowed to standstill

the land fills the sea

if i am ever to be me

then who will set me free..

artemis flambe..?

ho ho i dont think so..!



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