posted on June 10, 2009 at 6:08 pm

like a leopard messiah
like a white lightning bolt
like a snort of amnesia up all of yer noses
like honey
like velvet
like powdered unicorn horn
like the vines and lianas
like the summer and the winter
like orpheus in his underpants
like a panther on vaseline
like an electric charge that jolts yer womb
like a slave to the rhythm of love
like a master with his finishing touches
like a lemurian temple slut
like the phosphorescent rim of the sun
like candy from a baybee
like a double shot
like a chinese burn
my little wander
makes me feel kinda fonda
i am a rock i am an island
i am yer fix and yer connection
i am sitting here patiently
i play bass and i sing
i am so old and younger still
i was born yesterday
the barsted son of shakespeare and annie oakley
the brother of sir galahad
the father of the moon
the husband of the goddess of cocaine
the lover of exquisita
the determiner of sex
the worlds forgotten bouy
in solana beach
in so cal
in north america
with my white beard
i aint a’feared
with my freckled skin
you know jus’ where i been
i’m over it
i’m under it
i am everywhere
everywhere at once
i wish i was me
dont you

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