posted on January 12, 2008 at 3:46 am

spent avo with ricki my-aim:me, yessaday
running over triffids songs im doing
funny i never broke the songs down into parts before
i never realised what happened where in arrangement terms
i didnt know all the words as such
nor did i care to
when” lonely stretch” came on
i was transported to the place
i was in the song
the words and music flew past outside the dream
i was with mccomb as he realised he was lost in that bush
oh the australian bush
oh the west australian bush
getting cold
gotta be running out of petrol
whats out there
a crisis of faith
memories collide in the trees
in the pines
d mc n g mc
now both gone
i hit a lonely stretch
now i gotta sing this song
a wild ride
this song is one his very best
one of the very best
maybe you have to take that lost ride
through the scrubby trees and the dead wood stones
its like davids life is always passing before his eyes
in all his songs
hes lost in the bush
but he was lost before he found the bush
no one else would have ever written this song
any way i have to learn to sing it
i heard it a hundred times
but i didnt know the words
or recognize all the things that happen in there
after doing triffids all avo
we drop ricki off
and go to state
nk has not seen the show
we share some pre show nibblies
i get called off to a meeting
the director has some things to run over
he promises me that my cue wont fail tonite
isnt that one of the great lies of rocknroll …..
it’ll be working tonight……!
i say to very little laughter.
the show was a success
i watched drones from behind mixing desk……excellent stuff
i do my thing
i cant review it
in a way the odd man and song out
i am the most extremely european
i am outside looking in
i present london
for the ladies and gentlemen
i am the interpreter of carmodys words
i re-present them with a spin
i add my assent to his sentiments
i offer another way in to this song
my movements
my looks
my accent
my whole schtick
euro man
i echo his sentiments and amplify them
i show the audience another aspect
of kevs propensity for reinterpretation
i did my thing
people said it was good
i ponced around a bit
waving my hands about
you had to be there
it was theatrical
greg weaver doing excellent sound for the gig
told me that as i waved my arms upwards
when i sang
these illusions
that a fluttery series of chorused echos was released
into the air around me
i had joked with him before
that i’d give him a hundred bucks
if he made me sound better than everyone else
i suppose you want that hundred now ?i asked apprehensively
uh-huh he said
everyone had a good night
i finally “got” the herd
i chatted to tex perkyns
and almost missed the grande finale
i waited for nk to appear backstage
she turned up n was feeling shy
a thousand people
wanted to meet mr kev carmody
and his pals
so i slipped off into the night with my wife
we sat in a lantern lit park
and drank a couple of cold beers
nk had enjoyed my act
i get her to describe it over n over
pressing for arcane details
she enthusiastically recounts my exploits
and said yes
the drones were the best thing since the last best thing
and that the show had made her cry over n over
ah yes
it was the feelgood teary eyed musical hit of the year
good on ya kev carmody n paul kelly et al
uh oh
phone rings
the triffids require my presence at conservatorium

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