posted on May 7, 2010 at 9:40 am

madness futility
no utility
in the margin
chargin’ up my i-god
the chemistry which takes me to heaven
rebounds me to hell o i’m back again
reborn as this dragonfly-man
cast from some operetta
unbound prometheus
time carves me into this shape
the random currents of flux
ready to let go
come and take it
spirit come and take me now
my eyes hurt in the cold electric light
reality has set in it has congealed
the room is warm
i glow dull red
my sins screaming after me
they demand my anxiety
i cough up my brains
i visit the houses of the dead mornings
no you dont wanna be me
no you dont wanna be you
no you cannae do what ya like
but no you never do what you must do
i give up
i surrender
things are going well
money comes in
money goes out
figures move on a screen
i withdraw n i lose interest
i divide the indivisible
in this red lit room surrounded by my junk
my dirty washing
my dirty magic
i am many men
and capable of many more
i fascinate myself as a reptile fascinates a mouse
with repulsion i recoil as see myself go by
my voice oozes from some empty factory
where mindless auto-mons construct random phrases
my youth has fled n run off with my old face
wreck less with a band on
fuck charlie can slap you about
i look like a lobster in my movies
none of you can imagine
ooh my eyes hurt and ache
the world becoming dimmer
the sound blurs into a roar or a silent ring
people return to the moon
the first world war has been averted
the meek shall inherit the earth
the strong shall inherit the meek AND the earth
steve kilbey shall inherit a new body and name
but my will to create will endure forever
iao iao ao ao io io
lo and beholder and beauty in yer fucken eye
the great god pan is dead
the people from the oldest times
from fair atlantis
from teaming lemuria
from fragile lyonesse
from greeces golden flowering summer of love and war
the hindu goddess unleashes kundalini
you know who i mean
all of us in it together
all from a single flash we come
all from a single point
all from the glow of gods heart
look let all the people from the olden times remember
we will all live again
it is promised
blessing or curse
oh i want something so bad
something no one can afford
no service
no connection
no availability
read my column
dig my garden
feed my machine
i am the time being
one of the very best
one of the very worsted
rarely medium

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