posted on February 6, 2009 at 8:31 pm

whatever you say i am
i am
sam i am
i am i am i am i am
look at me
all angular n red
look at my brain stuffed full of disinfotainmentalism
look at my fat little fingers aw….how cute…
look at my tour
oooh i’m treading the boards
ooh im going to some distant city
ooh i’m on a plane going up in the sky
hey its saturday aint it?
hey wheres my mate ricky “whoah!!” miami?
hey wheres my guitar n my pipe n my bowl
hey wheres the audience and the global warming
hey theres only a thousand zebras left….aw it’ll do, wont it?
hey wheres that song with the c#minor?
i dunno
rummaging around in my brain
find terry n terri
find kathy
find my winning ticket
find my little unicorn…..ah…how sweet…?!
find my feet
find the strength
find out
i chuck my heart in my mind
it doesnt fit properly but who cares
sometimes they overlap
sometimes my brain throws out
what my heart would easily accept
sometimes when my heart is too proud
a niggling thought in my mind
can lead to a repossession
i wander on down through my blog n my life
i pick up relics n souvenirs as i go
a tear here
a tear there
(tear to rhyme with there)
tear along this line————————–
kilbey just stumbles along
all rubbery and docile
he plays his dna hand
he meets the commentors on a frozen tundra
he blooms one more time before he fades away
he smokes yet more dope
he does more yoga
he swims n swims
he paints n paints
he listens n listens
my hands hurt
my back recoils
i work like a bohemian slave dog
sweating over a hot pastel
i compose music and words while i cook my toast
i pray to god as i squash some ants
they ran out of triple sec
so i just had orange sec
and i tried to forget all the things you did
i tried to forgive you your trespasses
but i’d rather have you prosecuted
and i kept turning the tv off
its eating up your life
and i pick up another paintbrush
and i pick out another colour
and i submerge myself in a hundred faces
staring out dumbly from gallery of my life
ooh you lovely ladies
ooh you handsome devils
ooh you whining harridans
ooh you manipulating little sObbers
now i am so weary….
world weary
whirled wary
i turn again
to face the onslaught
of patent madness
impending olde age
and unbearable grooviness
i am the being in time
i am always
and i will always be

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