posted on August 18, 2006 at 12:36 am

who did this?
you did
i dunno
ok then

cleveland ohio
the home of rock
last nite in cincin ok
nice crowd
nice theatre
it was pretty good i guess
lovely dressing rooms
we go back to hotel after
up to roof garden
under the big red vernon manor sign
lookin’ out over the misty city in the weee small hours
have a smoke n a laugh
this morning we drive to cleveland
i arrive n do an interview
with 2 very cool guys in a religious bookshop
i drink iced peach tea
they ask about grant
the tears fill up mah eyes
still gets me sometimes
we talk about my favourite songs
jeff buckleys been on my mind a lot lately
forget her from grace #2
alternative take of dream brother
kanga roo
i stand out front of gig
meet some people
sign some stuff
someone gives me some jazz
(thanks nick!)
i i get to hug some people n get mah picture taken
hey honey i gotta picture with steve fuckin kilbey!
yeah but whos that olde hippy in the white shorts…?
oh…that is…steve…kilbey…
cleveland seems a little down on its luck as usual
all of ohio seems a little in disrepair
but not in a bad way
in an interesting way
gothic pointy roofs
weeds n trees
strange attic windows
the area here is kinda nasty
where the beachland ballroom is..
hey where the hell is the beach?
still all the people i meet are very nice
what would i know about cleveland?
i just got here
i have black beans n rice for din dins
people send vegan cookies grape juice, muffins etc
thank you
im sitting here under the gig rite now
rob dickos playin upstairs
pete n i do an interview with a lady
who doesnt seem to know anything about us
we walk into an underground shop(?) here
n a very tweaked lady walks up n says
i got under the milky way on my mind day n nite….
and then she says
who are you?
yeah whatever lady
have another margarita sweetie
the dressing room is long dark n hot
a loada fans hum n whirr warm air around
old bits of machines
busted up sofas
a room ful of gas canisters
im eating grapes
im drinkin pineapple juice
im smokin ohios finest
im waitin’ to go on
i should do yoga
i should unwind
i should empty my mind n forget myself
i think of jeff buckleys lyrics
dont fool yerself
she was heartache from the moment that you met her
yer hearts cold n still as ya try to find the will
to forget her somehow..
i think ive forgotten her now
oh jeff yer voice is such sweet sadness
i went down n hadda look at the mississippee river in n.o.
why jeff oh why didja go swimmin’ in there?
i wish ya hadna done it man
thats a mediocre lil blogg for ya
till somethin’ profound
comes around
and hey gareth of notts
youre a handsome bugger!

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