posted on January 13, 2009 at 8:53 pm

heres where we are right now
k/k is now only 2 songs away from being mixed
simone polinski is mixing it
and its an aural treat
youre gonna love it
it is the opposite of painkiller
gentle songs
spiritual songs
simple songs
songs for love and special occasions
songs for early mornings in bohemia
songs for old souls
and guess what
m kennedy sent me up k/k 2 yesterday
the beginnings
so there ya go……another one off in the distance…
the church
(remember them?)
will have new album and 2 new e.p.s out soon enough
available and coming atcha
soon soon soon
wait wait wait!
gb3 nears completion
i love this record
thats being mixed soonish
me n thee mr ricky plus others
are starting on a new thing today down at the pav
we’ve been jamming thru the nites n days
trying to get a feel for it…..
hopefully will inveigle special guests
top secret tho
hush hush
say no moor
im doing a painting of a friend
cant get it quite right
i have to write my desert island poems list
for an article
i will be going down to melbo shortly
to appear with the triffids at hamer hall 29th
you should see this show
its a hyper feel good tearjerker and it spans
the entire career of one of austs most unique writers
a cast of thousands……
i cant wait for it, personally
i’m listening to songs every day
so i dont get words wrong as per film n syd fest
sorry….nerves….i get my own words wrong all the time
but its unforgivable singing someone elses wrong
meanwhile i owe the taxman a fucken forchoon…gulp!
the move to melbo or anywhere is temp on hold
cos we cant afford it….!?
some dim lights appearing at ends of tunnels but….
these days i dont count my soy chicken triangles
until they thaw…..right?
thanks for your attention
thats all
please disperse quietly
the time being has already left the building


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