posted on June 15, 2006 at 10:53 pm

last nite in sverige
swim in the river
walk with my daughters
lunch n dinner
chi gong on an old pontoon in the reeds
ducks n geese n swans
soft swedish sun
never wanna leave
love the ones in aust
but love these 2 too
always a catch
cant ever get it right
one door opens
another door closes
half empty
half full
half ajar
dread tomorrow
in aust right now doodles starting school
sweden its one am
sit on a bed typing to ya
fell so sad fiendss
ah theyll getalong just fine without ya
after all they have before
2 places at once?
elli stop yawning
so hard to walk away
walk away in silence
wouldnt ya know it
thats how life ends….

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