posted on July 14, 2010 at 8:03 am

down in hot swampy texas
the high priests of the dangerous cult
have determined that 26th of july
will be the date of the commencement of the new site
yes believe it if you dare
i gotta lotta stuff up my sleeve, steve
its not all gonna be there all at once
but eventually…
art music blogs rantings ravings FAQs
interaction musings hippy dribble
straight from the mangey panthers mouth
its gonna be a lotta work to feed this beast
but if anyone can than i shall
the videos will be in much higher quality than on here
everything will be better shinier n more satisfying
everything will contain more sk than ever before
if you love me now you’ll love me even more after this
i got many things planned if only half come to fruition
we’ll be wading through stuff for ages to come
i’m hoping we’re all gonna be happy with this
suggestions gratefully accepted
(before being rudely rejected out of hand)
this will be our interface
we you n i will get down to brass tacks
(tacks not included)
(tax not included either)
much behind the scenes footage
etc etc
every child player must win a prize
auctioning off of sk body parts
(anyone up for some used ear drums?)
whatever you want it to be
whatever you say i am i am
coming soon real soon
(how soon is soon?)
people get ready
i hope you gonna really like it
i hope you’ll dig it in spades
thanks to johnny (old king) cole
thanks to kip mccccc
thanks to eek a mouse
thanks to my mum n dad for ‘aving me
thanks to god for all this unbearable talent
thanks to all my fans fiendss n friends
and envious tiny piglets
a site for sore i’s

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