posted on April 7, 2008 at 12:32 am

melbourne was good
not transcendent maybe
but good
martin kennedy played 6 songs
it was like the record live basically
it worked yes it worked
lovely songs lotsa space
we can/could do the whole album like this anywhere
travis came up and sang and played
travis from all those yearsago in perth
now got his own album out
called him unexpectedly to the stage
he rose to the challenge and almost stole the show
then michael the drummer from tarmac adam
who i just met
who played one song with me at s/check
he slotted in so perfectly
i instantly became addicted to all his percussive effects
and he had a load of em …bells n jinglies n glocks
man he was just right
so 3 heroes in my eyes
these 3 geezers
me myself i was ok
not as mouthy as sydney i guess
it was a special night
i guess we had about a hundred people
polinski mixed it
i trust he was doing some nice things
we sold some dvds
the good old melby gang were there
no complaints
what a nice way to earn yer living
obviously me n mr kennedy should do our whole album
when it comes out
and i’d like to play with michael again
it was good
im content

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