posted on June 3, 2007 at 5:33 am

the afternoon sun
comes down
being in light
being sure to upset someone
being me that is
the me im being for ya
ha ha
amazing how someone sumwear
will get upset
even if you say
theyll rail against ya
christ , look what they did to jesus
so why do i still get surprized n dismayed?
too bloody sensy-tive to be in yon agony uncle bizness
oh dont leave me
dont leave me like this
standing here with my olde confused head
my mysterious mynde knocking out this doggerel nonstop
look look
it wont stop
even now can you feel the tumultuous river of words
pouring outta me by the inch and ounce and second
a puddle of sentences ripples round my boots
oh please dont leave me ever
not like this
not in anger
not in that tone of voice
please im sorry oh im so sorry
no no
dont switch off
hold on
im coming thru to you
this blogge is for you
at last
its all about you
its for you
on you
about you
it mentions you all the way thru
you you you
i thought we hadda sumthing going here
meeting here like this
on some olde ‘ippys blogge
you know how forgetful the “old fella” is
you of all people who likes all those ambiguous bits
you who can appreciate the art of wilful amnesia
youve watched me all the time thru your prismatic mind
your lovely mind so much sharper than mine now
oh im befuddled yes oh deary me oh my my
oh but i like it i like it i like it i like it
here we go o forgetting all over the world
this is a joke
yes it is
and i love laughing
i love to laugh
here i go
ha ha
you see
but i gaze out at you reproachfully as you pack your things
and just leave me here in the darkness
you know i wont be able to reach you
cant you leave a four wood address or something
who will ever take care of you
oh baby its a wild world
i’ll always rememba ya just like a childe
yes yes
take those gifts i gave ya
all the semi-precious hoo-haa
all those 24 carrot shibboleths
them eeny meeny miney moses
white hippy who speak from burning bush
holds forth on any olde rant
bang bang take that
whats ‘e trying to say
bug eyed if i know
olde kilbeeing in time
olde freckle face pommy ozzie geezer
olde raver and loony
jailburdon and denizen of 3 n half * gaffs
the guy who lost his keys
the fella with the santa claws beard
who wrote some song last century
that guy over there talking to the customs man
he got ‘is 1st bass at 16 n there was no looking bach
oh yeah the olde kilbeeing knew it all would happen
and thats true
he practised on his bass
plucketty plucketty pluck every day after school
see him now 7 baines place lyneham
in his bedge-room
sitting on the flaw
so gangly n awkward
hes a bloody awfull bassist
i wanna reach into the picture
and slap his pretty face
dont try so hard young beeing i’d scream at him
no thatd frighten him too much
i’d just appear and say
oh gently gently
feel it ffeel it
oh kil-boy
you have yer pre-monition of the “big-time”
but you still gotta do some bloody ‘omework
and you gotta do something with yer hair
punk ll bee here in 6 years but the young kil-boy heeds not
his hair gets longer n longer
he keeps plucking that guitar too damn hard n not feeling it
kil-boy keep it up
theres someway you can be yourself here
why are you talking to yourself
i hear you asking
i dunno
i thought youd already gone
and turned off the lights

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