posted on July 17, 2007 at 5:55 am

i dunno
here we are…..
i see ive slipped into the 100s when i was offline
from the 60s into the hundreds
on the blogge charte i mean
like rip van winkle of the blogge world
you little prick whos about to ask
why do you even care?
no i do not care
i will not be rewarded by going up or down
i know i give good blogge!
christ…youre getting
muse : me
off the cuff displays of spectacular weilding of the eng. lang
im erudite
im hip
im working class anti-hero
never worked a day in my life
im like those rappers who jus’ rap bout themselves
im this!
im that!
i remember my friend marc bolan said to me
im the groover n i move right in
when im on the floor the kids yell for more more more..
the trend of the artist to talk about himself
as a primary device in his art
oh i love to talk about myself baybee
im jimmy braggart
im pat ingmyself-ontheback
i can really dig me deeply childe
but its all a laff
yes andy millman im having a laff
do the ladies find my braggadocio attractive as somebody wrote?
im just a stupid manne blurting it all out
oh i dont mind myself tho…….
muse: youre not paranoid youre schizo
and you makes 3 little muse
are you following me?
this is nonsense
you coulda been reading something really good instead
all the things you coulda read
and you read this
i competed for your attention
and ive got it
so ….
muse : say whatever it is you want to say !
i dunno
is this writers block?
muse : thats when you cant write nothing
but admittedly this is pretty darn close
minna has arrived
i will ask her some questions
s. why are you here?
m. because …is that the question?…i was bored
s. i hate that word bored….
m.ok i was feeling unsatisfied with what i was doing
so i decided to do something else
s. who is alltime favourite singer?
m.god thats hard….mmmm…david bowie
s. oh thats strange….
m. he always makes things interesting
s. alltime most hated singer
m. christina aguilera
s. yes shes definitely up there….
ok what is your favourite film?
m.the roman you know which one it is
s. no i dont….
m. it’s a great story about a princess (audrey hepburn)
on holiday who falls in love with a journalist
writing a story about her.
s. one word please on the following people
1marc bolan
2uma thurman
3john f kennedy
4jesus christ
5 me
1. rock
2. myself?
3. vietnam
4. did he exist?
5. squirrel
s. thank you
the doodles call me the devil squirrel
more questions
s.why is it this way?
m. because God wanted it this way. you like eggplant?
m. i sure do!
s. isnt it great being my daughter?
m. since this is a steven kilbey blog
and most of the readers worship s.k i’ll have to say :
it’s really great, wouldn’t want any other man to take his place.
s. you have 4 sisters…which is most like you?
m. aurora, she’s as sensetive as me.
s. whats in and whats out?
m. in: openmindedness, sophistication and high waists
out: selfpity, people who take themselves too seriously
and…big boobs
s.why do you like gossip mags ask me this question too often… i find them interesting in some strange way…
s. did you inherit my good looks
m. of course i did: freckles, bad teeth and thin lips
s. what are you gonna be?
m. don’t have a clue…i’ll see where life takes me,
s. what do you expect from life?
m. knowledge, death and love
s. 3 good qualities you expect in a male?
m. respecful, mysterious and cultivated (HANDSOME)
s. 3 bad qualities?
m. disrespectful, ignorant and selfobsessed
s. that should do
ive got all those qualities..
one last question…
do you remember that nasty naughty little game
we used to play on/with elli
where you and i would suddenly run away
and try n hide…
1did you enjoy it?
2do you think she enjoyed it?
3and how bad am i , daddy, for enjoying it?
m. 1 i really loved that game….i felt like i had all the power…
and it was my revenge for all the times she hurt me
2. non monsieur….the tears weren’t really a sign of fun now ,were they?
3. yes you’re a bad daddy for enjoying making your children cry!
ha ha ha!!!
thank you minna
special guest *
4 2 day
mmm thats it i guess
oh i think i’ll go n look at my teeth n lips for a while

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