posted on October 10, 2007 at 1:35 am

about 45 minutes ago
you swallowed 3 psilocybin mushrooms
or actually maybe toadstools
gold tops the locals called them
much better than the blue meanies
youve been assured
youre sitting there by the side of a creek
under a lovely old sacred oak tree
to say conditions are idyllic is meaningless
the blew sky
tangled trees creak and
the creek rushing in its course
rushes rubbing together
blue cranes arrive
circling lazily in the heavens
everything fitting together so magically perfect
so perfectly magical
for the first time you see the hand of god
behind everything
and that hand had directed you towards this moment
and that hand that had placed you here in the game
and the mind and heart that had conceived all this
were irrepressible
the motion of the leaves
the dappled light like lovelight
it was a dance
it was choreography
how had you never seen it before
an alkaloid had entered a receptor
or blocked a protein
or whatever however it did what it did
you were having a transcendental revelation
you were finally transcending the mundane reality
that you hated hated hated
and youd searched for this in cs lewis and marc bolan
and lobsang rampa and mervyn peake
underwater and at parties
in cinemas and libraries
you were always looking for this
this was waking up on the 1st day of the holidays
and realising youre in a very special and wondrous fucking place
god was in everything
you could see that now
how simple it was
a glimpse of the great plan of life which normally dwarfs us
you saw god aint no stern old jehovah with his rules
and regulations
god is movement creativity humour and deep compassion
the mushrooms were filling you with energy light heat
you grinned and grinned
how pleased you were with yourself and everything else
oh it all fell into place, didnt it
the penny dropped
the trees sizzled in the rooftop nests baby birdlings slept
the wind swept across the emerald fields the magnetic fields
astral planes opened up and sky intensified
god began his rambling tale speaking in pure music
the reeds whispered steven this is all for you
bubbling creek speak with its liquid mind into you
step into me tastes a word inside a heart i owned once
the water feels so much better than it said in my hand
i see him i see you
you see me out here writing this 30 odd years on
you see moments taken from past future some continuum
its no surprise
its no surprise
its no surprise lips touch your skin
angel footed girl
the lips kiss deep
the vault above you
her hands
weaving dissolving patterns you will later write
forming our uncertain terms
like terry riding a wave
like bolans wah wah on lofty skies
i look close up at the nature, boy !
you i her him the moon comes out
terris clothes are white on the green grass
and yellow flowers
wingless seraphim dove into creek
deep dive she dove deeper into my river of blood
she says something you supposed meantime
everything fractures
a kaleidoscopic nimbin new south whales bang
whoosh you jumped into the welcoming water
as you went down
a silver surface solemnly closed fluidly overhead
bubbles race up oh so much silver
and the dark water mineral taste in your mind
is saying drink up dreamer
dream another dream sleeper shes a keeper
a naiad is in this stream
you see terri as the daughter of the willowy reedy river
she dip and diving in and out
she seems to hang in the burning air
and then fall leaving trails of colour and silver
gods song plays underwater the fish all shimmy
the bluesky man its crashing on me but you dont care
its delicious
and gods song is so serious you laugh out loud
underwater underair underfire underether
under the blue and clouded skydomed heavenly screen
understanding understood
happiness absentminded bliss dreamy euphoria
every single thing so packed with meaning
with clues
some mistake has occurred
you were always supposed to feel like this
this is the magic you remember
from the old days
the eleusinian days and nights
when you had previously unlocked nature
and heres terri naked and out of her tree
just like those ancient greeks in the corner of your memory
terri starts to talk
her words are winged like athenas
but you forgot what she has said
yet just as you have finished marvelling
shes speaks in baby-lonian and sweet nineveh
she speaks like a priestess of the cult of set
she talks of wonderful things you used to think so usual
imagine steve she says
if only
oh if only everyone….
could feel
could feel like…this
if only they could have seen this sky
and touched the morning the way we did
and feel like the trees understand each other
and i feel like they are in love
and oh thered be no more wars
but oh why if only they knew
its all right here
why do they work
imagine that an office…..
like dad working in his office
and all the time
and all the while
and it was no surprise
when terri
when terri
it was no surprise
within that day
the day i saw the hand of god
and much more of terri
you thought
a woman surely is gods greatest work
but the telepathic kingfishers disagreed
a humanocentric way of seeing things
you see to me
my wife with her blue wings and blackbeak
with her claws full of fish
ah thats gods greatest work
and all the other living things clamoured to be heard
in my mind where i was hearing them
and all said
my beloved is gods greatest work
and it was right
and it was equal
and it was just
that this was as it is
and always was
and will be again
naked as the day
the day naked like a nude
lovely day of love
day made of love
sunshine in
clouds shaped like little beasts in the sky
tree canopy filters light speed
the girl transforms and transforms
i hold on to each one
hopelessly trying to define
her phantom spirit
and day
that was made for us

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