posted on July 22, 2018 at 7:08 pm

spirit = breath

penumbral music oozing from a cracked day

the frogs and the crickets

wade through my life as a marsh

the cranes and egrets

lost by the sea me as a boy

oh its getting so dark so quickly

oh my sinking spirits

the emptiness at my very heart

from where the night seems to spring forth along with little stars

someone has to take it all away

they call you in for dinner somewhere

but you aint there

the islands against the evening

the glittering ships out to sea full of wild eyed sailors

the silver jets flown through the Sydney skies in some stratosphere

their suave pilots who navigate the thin air

I have heard its so cold up there without their suits

still I am lost on this wild cliff and I can’t get home

still I don’t seem to understand any of it at all

because it all seemed mad right from the very start

the whole history of everything

one stupid blunder after another

the villains prosper and the good guys strung out and wired

my god I am tired and lost in this dismal fog

oh I bet they must wonder where I am tonight

and yet sadly I think they might not wonder at all

a voice next to me says: no wonder at all

when I walk out of the trees on a strange avenue I never saw before

the lamplight in the wind blowing about the light

my cold hands in icy pockets and cool rays emanating from the moon

the cars are all so indistinguishable just black blurs in my blind spot

the numbers are all mixed up on the darkened houses

the vegetation all writhing in the blue light of my eyes

the voice beside me: you’re lost ha..!

all the terrible things I have done have surely caused this I reason

all of it led me here to this street with its undulating weeds

and the bats overhead chattering their fucking heads off oblivious to my peril

im just another stupid boy lost on Sunday night on some oceanic boulevard

yeah the palms and the pines that line our fair streets stretch on into distance

the gates are all locked the windows are all barred

no one is home in all the world

they’re all lost out there

I inhale my night back into my lungs

revealing a vivid soft tender morning so new and unintimidated

and a new song which was home

for awhile








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