posted on March 27, 2012 at 11:38 pm

mechanistic deluge

hopeless and forlorn ere long i sailed  upon

your body of water

madam oh sell me something knew something blew

alienable wrong i was farmed for my dna

i was hunted because i was game i guess

i was corroded by times friction

there is no where to hide from yourself

or is there ?

a door opens and you take it

you dont ask any questions

you imagined anything better than before

you thought you had nailed it but it clobbered you

you think

even though this thing has unseated every rider

you think

ah i will be the one to master it

with hubris we carry on into the mountaining storm

deny everything

deny your reflection

deny your bleary eyes

deny your red hot ears ringing like bells

deny your thieving itchy fingers callused and hard

deny your shiftless limbs deny your listless spirit

defy the good in you by denying it somehow

you figure out some lies to patch it all together

but then you fall in love with the lies and delighted to tell them

songs are lies too

or exaggeration to say the least/most

more than music more than words

what does it all mean

why is it so hard to write a good song

lotta people out there trying at any given time being

finally it can be revealed as flowing from an unknow source

we search the terrain but we never can see it

some vast cold lake of beautiful ideas up to the brim

a lake of graceful wonder and elegant simplicity

ruffled by flute like zephyrs deep as a bassoon

in this lake full of inchoate masterpieces

we pluck the tiny various elements

with which we plead our case before the universe

why should we exist at all without originality

more than a recombination of some previous jive

we see the potential far away like the eagle sees the calf

we glimpse third and forth possibilities in the 2 sides of each story

we travel with eyes open and we are vulnerable to everything

everything is work

the sorting out never stops

i construct it my facade and my background carefully

i nervously admit characters into my novels chambers

on warm nights i’m in the garden drinking iced green tea

among shrub and twisting fern elephant ear hyacinth rose

my mind gleams like an instrument under strange crested moons

in crescent myriads the effulgence of stardust orbits thrown up

andromeda swings by in her whorl amidst flower and star

something out in deep space wakes like a kraken in the darkness

our puny cities brace for annihilation

in our last hours we lie in bed drinking as time ebbs out

and you say

i been having the craziest dream



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