posted on August 2, 2007 at 5:30 am

the voice in the future can be heard
i am only starting to enjoy it
now its getting near the end
everyday you notice something good
n something bad
things change over long distance said grant
as i write this line grant comes on my ipod shuffle
after a long absence
when i play providence
i always try to do grants bits like grant
i invite him in to sing thru my throat
i attend a magical ceremony
blindfolded and sworn to secrecy
many who are gone reach me somehow
my dreams are vivid
they mimic life remarkably
my sea teams with mermen
my forests peopled with fauns n satyrs
i suddenly remember other names ive had
a christian wolf?
a lemurian monkey-priest?
in nineveh for sure
i passed those nights i cannot forget
the rest
what is your name time being then?
why are you here?
why have you come?
to sing my song
what are these songs?
these songs are about
pulling out focus and expanding up for a birdseye view
who do you write them for?
myself, for no others could if i didnt
of what do you sing?
i sing the glittering distance
i sing the elongating time
i sing the rapid life of man
i sing the lush eternity of god
when did you start?
i started when you began to listen
for what do you hope?
i hope for hope always, just a little hope
what do you fear?
i fear the extinction of soul
where will you run?
beyond all of this
to nangilaya and wild rose valley
to krsnaloka to stroll with the lord
to seventh heaven and the goddess groupies
to blissful fields i feel in my mind
pastures of the blue crane
grey havens
at the back of the north wind
towards the light
please leave the light on for me jesus
it maybe very dark n i wont be able to see
rippling pianos and gently swelling cymbals
an electric guitar enters playing spanishy figures
the bass guitar falls on the kick with a fat round sound
jesus n st peter stand at the gate
at heavens white spirit gate
made of pearls n wrought gold
a soft mist swirls around
obscuring what lays beyond
the kingdom of the merciful n just
jesus …hes just like in my picture
the one of him playing the guitar in a bondi flat
st peters kinda olde n serious looking
jesus seems to like me
but st petes frowning
making me real real nervous
oooh i wanna go thru those gates
look theyre having a bit of a chat about me
course i cant understand it…its in hebrew, i guess
jesus saying something
pete shaking his head
it goes on like this
please jesus
i say
whats going on here?
jesus turns to me
his beautiful face
his lovely eyes, gracious n forgiving
everything about him makes you feel good
jesus says in a kinda thick accent:
im asking him
if he remembers
under the milky way
he doesnt…..
oh i say
so what? says jc
am i in or what?
st peter n jesus both at once:

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